ALL the Water and ALL the Selfies

Today was beautiful outside!!! It started out rainy and the forecast was promising us a lot of rain for the evening. I was really hoping things would go my way and it would clear up and guess what! I lucked out!! It ended up being beautiful when I left work my dreams of going for a run were coming true!

I got my running clothes on and took my obligatory pre-run selfie. You know, as proof (ha ha) and headed to pick up my girl. She had a singing lesson so while she did that I ran. No idea how far or my time. I just ran. It felt great. It is like 24 degrees outside so I got pretty sweaty and very thirsty.

On my way in the car I had already downed a full water bottle of water and I finished another one after my run. For anyone knows me and my inability to consume the amount of water I should in a day, this is a pretty monumental occasion. So I did what any other good blogger would do. I took a selfie.

Wow it is hard to get a good angle of that shot. Holding the water bottle so you can see my bling (shameless I know, but it’s just so pretty) and my eyes all weird because I am drinking from a water bottle that leaks. But I persevered and I got the shot. You’re welcome.

I got home and started making dinner. During prep I figured I had enough time to bust out a Tabata session of squats. I did it in the kitchen and in front of the window and J walked by and started laughing. He came home and found me squatting in the kitchen. Pretty funny moment.

I whipped up a very delicious dinner of a ground chicken hash with veggies. I added the rest of my homemade BBQ sauce from last night and we had it with a crispy pita.

I think it will be an early night for me. I’m pretty wiped and looking forward to a good nights sleep.

Do you like to track your distance and time when you run?
I mostly do that when I am training for something. I so like to look up routes for distance of how far I have run.

Do you go to bed early or late?


One thought on “ALL the Water and ALL the Selfies

  1. I’m kind of a mixture of both an early bird and a night owl. I love going to sleep at 10pm and waking up at 6 or 7am. But I hateeee being up past 11am or waking up earlier than 6am. I’m just a weird one 🙂

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