I Totally Freaked Out!

Today I woke up to a very gloomy day. It was so tough to get out of bed. It was overcast and foggy. During the day it got nicer but it had the look of rain hanging around for awhile.

After work I hit up CrossFit. I had packed shorts because it’s been really warm out. I wore my favourite tank too so knew it would be a good workout. How could it not be?

We started with strength. Today we did strict press. 10 sets of 1 rep. Unless we maxed out and then we used the max weight to do some push press. I worked up to a 70 lb strict press. I tried 75 but it wasn’t happening. I was tired. We didn’t use racks either so we had to clean the bar each time.

Ladder 10-1
Ladder 1-10

Basically 10 thrusters and 1 burpee working down with the thrusters and up with the burpees. This wod killed me. Seriously. I felt like I sucked. It took me way longer than the rest of the class. I finished in 13:27. Gross. Then we did 50 sit ups and 3 rounds of max hold planks. I felt like I sucked with my planks too. It was a bit of an off day. I still did it all but I didn’t have that “I killed it” kind of feeling. When I left the gym it was pouring rain. And despite my favourite tank and shorts being gym appropriate, they were not pouring rain appropriate.

I came home and decided I could do better with my planks so I busted out a round of Tabata planks.


The result? I killed the Tabata planks. So I felt a little redemption. I finished with some serious rolling on my legs. My calves are T-I-G-H-T.

I decided I would put some laundry away and put some more in. When I was down there I found a mouse!!!!! I was freaking out. It was not moving but I was paranoid it was going to. I first sent the following text to J.

No response. I called him. The whole time I was watching the mouse to make sure it didn’t move. I called and was like you have to come home!!! It was comical after the fact. At the time it was very serious. In the end it turns out the mouse was actually already dead. So I likely didn’t need to watch it that closely.

I would say all of this makes for a pretty wacky and exciting evening. It’s true. It really was. And I got laundry done on top of it all! Can’t complain.

What was the best part of your Wednesday?

Do you have a favourite workout tank that makes you feel pumped up about your workout?


2 thoughts on “I Totally Freaked Out!

  1. That was a hilarious post! I struggle with workout tanks- I’ve yet to find one that is flattering, but I keep searching. The best part of my Wednesday was getting to go to a gym class that I hadn’t been to in ages. I was able to see how much Crossfit has benefitted my body.

    • Thanks! Glad you liked it!!! It’s so amazing to see the changes in our body and doing a different workout is often when it shows. I notice my running had improved so much after taking time off from it as a result of CrossFit.

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