Starting it off Right

The long weekend is here!!! I started it off with my Friday CrossFit class where we celebrated the owner’s daughter’s 3rd birthday. The strength was to PR a lift. Since it was in honour of her birthday I couldn’t let her down. I worked on my deadlift and finally hit my goal lift and got 200lbs!!! Yeah I did!!! It felt amazing. I have been stuck at 195 for awhile.

Then it was time for the wod. Since it was her birthday they asked her what her favourite movements were and lucky us she chose plate push and burpees. Ouch! It was 10 minutes and it was a partner wod. One partner would do plate push and the other did burpees and then switch. For 10 minutes. Omg my calves were on fire. We totalled 114 burpees.

We headed home and got ready to meet one of my besties for dinner. Before my shower I decided I needed up do a little ab work so I did a round of Tabata planks.

Then we got ready and headed to meet them. They live in Ottawa so it was a nice treat that they were in town.


This morning I slept in a little and then C and I headed to CrossFit for my usual Saturday workout. We warmed up and then went outside for some sprints. Then we did “death by burpees”. If you are unfamiliar with it you basically start with one burpee. You have a minute to do it. Then the next minute is 2 burpees, then 3 etc. The whole class killed it and we got up to 12 burpees. I honesty don’t think I could have kept going.

1 min air squats – you aim to get 60 squats. Whatever you are short you do in push press in the next minute. The whole thing was 8 rounds or 16 minutes.

As if that wasn’t enough he then had us to 3 min plank hold. If you drop down you do burpees for the time left. Then the same for 2 minutes. And then again for 1. Everyone was able to hold the last minute.

Now we are heading to a baby shower for my beautiful niece. I think I cleaned up alright from the sweaty mess I was after CrossFit was done with me.

The best news of all is that after today we still have two more days of the weekend!!! I could get used to this.

What are you up to this weekend?

Do you like to start your weekend off with a workout?


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