Loving the Long Weekend

Here we are on Monday of a long weekend and we have the best weather we had all weekend. I woke up feeling awesome and ready to hit a morning class at CrossFit. At our gym on long weekend Mondays there is always just one morning wod so it’s usually pretty busy and that usually means a partner or team workout which I love.

WOD – 25 min cap
200 m run
Farmers carry
150 back squats
150 thrusters
150 burpees

The idea was one partner did the run, another did the farmers carry and then the other lifted. Then we rotated based on when the runner finished. We chipped away at the squats and thrusters. It was good bc you would get tired of one movement and then it would be time to rotate. We got through it and had 63 more burpees when the time went off. Of course we had to finish so we split them up. It felt great to start the day with that workout.

I feel like I have finally perfected the burpee. I have finally figured out that keeping my legs wider means I land on my heels as opposed to my toes which really helps with my knees and hip and it is less pressure on the lower back. It also gives a good bounce to sort of push you into your next one.

We spent the afternoon shopping for fireworks for this evening. It was a lot of fun picking them out. They have really fun names and reading the descriptions is fun too. We got a few.

We also stopped at a diner that’s been around for ages. I had the best burger I have had in a long time. And J and I shared this.

When we got home I got some stuff done around the house that I had been putting off. Including taking down the Christmas lights (don’t judge). Then when I got done I decided to go for a run because it was so nice out. It was beautiful out. The skies were so blue!

I helped J milk cows and then headed home to get cleaned up and ready for fireworks. Cross your fingers it doesn’t rain!

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend!

Are you watching fireworks tonight?

What was your workout this weekend? I got two CrossFit wods in and a run followed by some Tabata planks.


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