It Feels Like a Monday

The long weekend has come and gone and it was wonderful.  So that means we are on day one of a short week.  Sure it’s technically Tuesday, but come on, we all know it feels like a Monday.

so true...
so true…

It’s basically a Monday in disguise.  But I got through it nonetheless.  It wasn’t so bad.  I went home at lunch time because I was determined to not spend money and have something healthy.  I achieved both of those and also got to enjoy my lunch under a blanket cozy on the couch.  It was pretty fantastic and I might just have to repeat it all tomorrow.  Here’s what I had:

It tasted better than it looks I promise.
It tasted better than it looks I promise.

That is an egg salad made with eggs, sweet pickles and a splash of yogurt ranch dressing.  I served it in half an avocado with some beets, wheat thins and cheese.  It was so tasty!  I might have to make a redo and have the same thing tomorrow.

Tuesday nights are C’s singing lesson. I often try to run during the lesson. Tonight I decided since I did a wod AND a run yesterday I would just rest today and skip my run. I decided to use the time to do this instead.

It was nice to kind of sit and unwind for a big before heading home to tackle the mountain of dishes in the sink and make dinner.

I am such a lucky girl because when I got home J already had dinner under control. He made us breaded zucchini and homemade meat sauce I cooked up on the weekend. We also steamed some asparagus to go with it. It was delicious.

After dinner I watched tv and did my nails. I was feeling like I needed some excitement so I went with a bright red.
I think it turned out pretty nice.

It’s off to bed for me now. I am hoping for a good nights sleep, last nights wasn’t the best so I have some catching up to do.

Did it feel like a Monday to you?

Favourite nail colour these days?


2 thoughts on “It Feels Like a Monday

  1. I know we’ve established that we’re soul mate on numerous occasions but just to confirm it, I also had a terrible sleep last night and was also planning to watch TV and paint my nails tonight. Also, did you watch the Bach last night? How did we not discuss this via text yet? I’m watching tonight so don’t text me anything earth shattering til tomorrow xo

    • I haven’t watched it yet. I was going to watch it last night but then Chopped was on. I usually don’t love the first episode but I should watch it because otherwise I get confused on who everyone is.

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