Thursday Thoughts


Let’s start off today with last nights wod.  It wasn’t my favourite.  We started with strength and did a series of 1 strict press, 3 push press and 5 power jerks.  I didn’t love it.  My wrists were S-O-R-E last night for some reason and even with my wrist wraps on it sucked, so I didn’t get very heavy.  I think I did 60 lbs?  Moving on to the workout.


16 min- EMOTM

7 sit ups

odd- double unders

even- thrusters

I didn’t really love this one.  I can’t do double unders.  I NEED to practice because I really suck at them.  And I don’t love thrusters, so I ended up going light.  My wrist was sore, my leg was sore.  It just wasn’t my best workout.  We finished with some side plank and regular plank.  I went home after and just felt kind of unsatisfied after this one.  I think it’s my own fault, I didn’t push hard enough.

I made J and I dinner (C was at her grandma’s for dinner) and I made his recipe for sausage and mushrooms and peppers.  Man, it turned out SO good.  We used chicken sausage and we throw some couscous in there to soak up the sauce and it turned out amazing.

heaven in a bowl
heaven in a bowl

I learned an important lesson this week.  If you have a chocolate cake on your counter, you WILL eat it.  We were given the cake leftovers from Monday’s fireworks get together and I have been having a piece every night with a glass of milk for dessert.  It’s really putting a wrench into my plans to lose my tummy before the wedding.  It’s sabotage sitting there.  Sure, I could use my will power and pass it up, but it’s SO hard.  It’s delicious.

Another thing I learned this week is that I love my new tank from Target that I bought a couple of weeks ago.  I kind of just grabbed it thinking it was kinda nice.  I finally wore it last Friday out for dinner and it turns out it’s more than just kinda nice and I love it.  I will definitely get some wear out of it this summer.

cute right?
cute right?

I am having a bad hair day today and think it’s time to get it done again.  I have some roots making their way through.  I think it’s time for a change.  It’s been loooooong for a loooooong time.  However, cutting your hair 6 months before your wedding is generally not recommended so I think I will have to hold off.  Not to mention every time I cut it I instantly regret it.  I think I will just play with the colour a little bit instead.

I know this post is kind of all over the place but that’s how my brain is working today.  So by making the title Thursday Thoughts I think I get an excuse, because I am implying that it’s just a bunch of thoughts.  Genius right?

Happy Friday Junior everyone!  That’s a real thing by the way… Friday Jr.  I looked it up. Here is the description taken from Urban Dictionary

Friday Jr- The day after Hump-day. AKA -Thursday. The day Friday in itself is a holiday celebrated by many people around the world on a weekly basis. Friday is also a state of mind and Friday Jr is an extension of the holiday and that state of mind.

Justin: “God I cant wait for this week to be over! The boss has been riding my balls all week and its only Wednesday!”

Mike: “Well at least tomorrow is Friday Jr.! The weekend is in sight!”

Justin: For shizz!

So on that note… I leave you to ponder all of these random thoughts and promise to do better with my next post.
Are you a fan of the Urban Dictionary?
I am in a big way.  The definitions crack me up all the time.
Ever have one of those days where you just need to get your thoughts out?
Clearly I do.  See example above.

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