It’s Friday and I’m Excited!!!

There are many things to be excited about today.  One, it’s Friday!!!!  The weekend is here already!!!  Also, I have some pretty exciting things planned for this weekend so I am ready to get it going!  Good times are definitely ahead.  Let’s get to business first though.  Recap of yesterday’s workout…

unflattering but raw footage right there
unflattering but raw footage right there

After Wednesday’s double under workout I decided I needed to work on my double unders.  I suck.  I used to be able to string a few together at least, but now I can’t even get one!  I took some serious time off from all skipping when I hurt my quad and it really set me back with my double under practice.  So- no excuses.  I want to try and do 10 minutes a day practicing.  I found a great spot to practice on my front porch.  I did about 15 minutes of skipping and double under attempts and a whole lot of whipping myself with the rope.


After that I moved inside (it was chilly on the porch) and did 2 sets of 10 pull ups.  I did a kind of jumping pull up, but it still worked my arms and I felt it last night.  It’s pretty great having that pull up bar at home to use.  I am also working on my L-sits and I am getting much better at those as well.  I finished off my quick little workout with another round of Tabata planks.  This time I alternated between side planks and regular planks.  I am noticing major improvement with my plank abilities.

The rest of the evening included a visit from a friend and a breakfast for dinner meal.  I wish I had taken a photo of the deliciousness but I made bacon, asparagus, a fried egg and half a toasty pita with avocado on it.  It was so yummy.  I am debating having the very same thing tonight.

Random note- I tried these today, a friend gave me a package to sample.


Let me just say one thing about them.  My life has been changed.  I must find more of these and have them in my life permanently.  They are so good!!!

Tonight we have my usual workout planned and then tomorrow is exciting.  Bridesmaid dress shopping!  My sister is coming for the weekend so we will get lots of quality sister time.  Sunday morning we are doing a 5km race together too!  I am really looking forward to the weekend and hope the rest of this day just flies by.


Double unders- can you do them?  Any tips?

I hear its all in the wrist and I think I am close but I definitely need more practice.  10 minutes a day friends.  That’s the plan.


Breakfast for dinner- love it or hate it?

I L-O-V-E it.  so easy and always delicious.



2 thoughts on “It’s Friday and I’m Excited!!!

  1. Good work on the DUs! They suck….until it clicks.

    My suggestion/tips are: 1) focus on one thing while doing them
    2) instead of full out leg jumping….bound….like light on the balls of your feet
    3)keep your core and chest tight…stacked as they say
    4) keep your elbows in and let your wrists do the work
    SLOW DOWN….as funny as that sounds, it’s not all about SPEED…if you think about doing a few singles as sloooooow as you can, then turn the rope under you 2x….you give yourself more time to get it around.

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