I Was a Sweaty Betty

I survived Monday friends. I did ok. It was a pretty good day all in all except for this pesky headache that won’t quit. It kind of comes and goes all day long and right now it’s going strong.

After work I hit up CrossFit and had a deadly workout. The SWOD was to work up to a 10 rep max for our back squat. I did 85 lbs. I felt pretty good.

5 rounds 3 minutes
200 m run

We had 3 minutes to do the 200 m run and then for the rest of the time we did lunges. I alternated and did sit ups for every other round. It was a tough one. We did the whole workout outside and it was hot out! The weather here is nuts and now it’s so warm out! I was a real sweaty mess by the time that wod was done. We finished with push ups and planks.

After the workout I had to do groceries and I didn’t want to do that hungry so I had a protein bar in the car.

It tasted like an Oreo. As much as a protein bar can lol. We did our groceries and had a quiet night at home. I got some laundry done and got lunches packed and of course am watching the Bachelorette. I won’t give any spoilers out on this one. I will say right now Marcus is my favourite. And I’m a little partial to Chris. He is a farmer after all.

Hope you got a good sweat on today too!

Do you watch the Bachelorette? Who is your favourite so far?

How did you sweat today?


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