No Gym? No Problem.


Tuesdays are the days I run.  I run because it’s the best way to get a workout in while C has her singing class.  My choices are to run for the 30 minutes, or to sit for the 30 minutes and play on my phone.  I try to make the most of that time and run but yesterday I just didn’t feel like running.  I thought ok maybe I can do my ten minutes of skipping while I am there.  So I wore my gym clothes and packed my rope and water and decided that’s what I would do with my time.

Once I got out there I decided I could do much more.  I had the car door open with my water in there and my music on, and I decided I could use the bottom of the car for tricep dips and make a wod to do.  So I did just that.  I first did 5 minutes of skipping and double under practice.  Then I did this wod:

5 rounds

10 tricep dips

10 push ups

20 Russian twists

10 sit ups

Then I finished with another 5 minutes of skipping/ double under practice to get my 10 minutes in. I also did a max plank hold and held it for a minute and 40 seconds!  I felt great.  I got some strange looks from other people in the parking lot.  I think I provided some entertainment to one lady who was eating what appeared to be a burger in her parked car.  Glad to help friends.

my own personal gym space
my own personal gym space

I finished just in time to get C from her class and we headed home.  We were having a guest for dinner unexpectedly so we decided to order pizza.  After that workout I was feeling so good and inspired that I decided I didn’t want to eat pizza and I had salad and a homemade chicken caprese.  I saw it on pinterest but didn’t follow a recipe.  It was grilled seasoned chicken served with sliced fresh mozzarella and warmed cherry tomatoes.  It was delicious.  I had it with a salad and in blogger fail fashion did not get a photo of it.  Never fear blog friends, I WILL be making this again and will indeed take photos then.

After dinner we all played the game Kerplunk.  It was a lot of fun, we all got into it.  I love board games and stuff like that because it’s perfect for any age.

kerplunk- not just for kids
kerplunk- not just for kids

The rest of the night was spent relaxing and keeping cool.  Our house was really warm but we don’t want to turn our air conditioning on yet.  The weather here has been incredible and just like summer this week.  I am NOT complaining about that one bit!

I hope you all have a wonderful hump day!


Do you like board games?  Which is your favourite?

My favourite growing up was the game of Life.  always loved that one.  And I could play cards for hours.


Do you like to make up your own workouts?

I do it a lot more than I used to.  No excuses really.



2 thoughts on “No Gym? No Problem.

  1. Oh my goodness, I forgot all about Kerplunk! I used to love playing that with my daughter. I like playing Monopoly, but my family won’t play that with me anymore because, um, they don’t like my winning strategies. We used to have just about every Cranium game that came out. I’d say now, our favorite games are Battleship and Scrabble.

    Before Crossfit I used to make up my workouts using the Big Book of Exercises. Now I’ll do mix some cardio, dumbbell thrusters, planks, goblet squats, and push ups.

    I’m impressed with your 30-minute workout. I would have been in my car shopping online.

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