Things I’ve Been Thinking…


I have had a lot of random thoughts to myself lately about what I am really digging these days so I thought what better way to get them out then to post about them for all to see?  Well not ALL… but my just over 100 followers.  (Thanks by the way to everyone following- I get really excited every time I get notified of a new follower).

Firstly, last night I got my hair did.  It’s pretty much one of my favourite things to do.  Not only because I leave feeling beautiful and many years younger, but because I get to visit with a pretty awesome stylist.  It’s like going to a friend’s house, except I leave with great hair.

art in progress
art in progress

I decided to go back to the red I had last year.  I was over the ombre and lighter ends and I used to get so many compliments on the red.  Also I have been thinking that the red would be really nice for my fall/winter wedding so we started the transition now thinking it would take awhile to get the right colour.  We were wrong- it took right away and if you ask me it looks pretty fabulous.

the after picture (I was tired hence the eye baggage)
the after picture (I was tired hence the eye baggage)

I have been really into a few songs lately.  They are on my work playlist and kind of on repeat it seems in my car.

can't. stop. listening.
can’t. stop. listening.

How dreamy is the Sam Smith song?  And Luke Bryan- he can crash my party anytime.  H.O.T.  That’s what I have been thinking music wise.  Additionally I am obsessed with finding the perfect wedding songs.  I am talking ceremony, first dance, father daughter dance… all of it.  I am open to suggestions.  Help me out friends.

I am OBSESSED with these snack treats.  OBSESSED.  I can’t stop eating them.  Thank god they come in little packs so I just pack one to work and only have one a day.  Most days.  I have been known to have two.  I am well stocked up on them.


do you think I have enough?
do you think I have enough?

If you haven’t tried them yet you really should.  You’re welcome.

Remember I told you the other day about the caprese chicken I made?  It was so delicious but I forgot to take a photo.  Well I had some leftovers that I ate for lunch and fortunately for you guys I did remember to take a photo of them, so here it is.


It was so tasty and so easy it will definitely make it into the regular dinner rotation.  So that’s some of what my thoughts have been lately.  I am also thinking I am excited that it’s Friday Jr and tomorrow is the weekend!

Wedding song suggestions?  Married friends what did you have for your songs?


What are you really into lately?



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