Recapping the Weekend

This weekend was busy but very productive.  Friday I went to CrossFit after work and got my butt kicked.  I was sore from Thursday’s wod having not worked out at the beginning of the week at all, and I had a splitting headache.  I still wanted to go though and in the end I was glad I did.  However; when I read the wod I wasn’t so sure I made the right choice.


5 x 5 deadlifts – I was feeling sooo tired, I only did 115 lbs



800 m run

50 back squats *

40 double unders *

30 sit ups *

*do these three movements twice

400 m run

I can’t do double unders so for those of us that can’t it was a minute and a half of practice.

this sums how i felt when i was done.  sweaty and grumpy.
this sums how i felt when i was done. sweaty and grumpy.

Friday night we went to an event at a farm, and then we took C to J’s sister’s house for a sleepover.  They took her to Legoland Saturday for her birthday present.  They had a blast!  In the morning I got up and hit CrossFit.  It was a special wod we do every year to honour the UK Armed Forces.  Our coach used to be in the UK military.  It is a crazy chipper of a wod and each represents a soldier who died.

too long to rewrite
too long to rewrite

We were allowed to modify where needed as long as we did all the reps.  It took almost 40 minutes to finish this one.  I was pretty exhausted after and I was definitely feeling it today, but it was a good feeling.

feeling jacked
feeling jacked

Last night we just ordered in and watched some of our shows.  It was nice and quiet and good to spend some time alone.  This morning we slept in and had a nice breakfast and then I got to work on doing some meal prep for the week.  By some I mean A LOT.  I am pretty much set for the entire week with all meals and snacks.  I am even ahead and have some prepped in the freezer for next week as well.  I am trying something new so it was pretty time consuming but I feel confident it will get easier as the weeks go on.

like. a. boss.
like. a. boss.

We drove C to my parent’s house tonight for dinner and had a nice visit with them in their new house.  C is staying there for the week as the daycare she goes to is closed this week. She always spends this week with them and she loves it.  On the way home we took some new back roads and had a little adventure.  The skies were incredible.  A storm was hanging around and the clouds looked so ominous, then it opened up and POURED on us.  And then there was the most beautiful sunsets.  And we saw a rainbow!  It made the drive even more beautiful.  It definitely beats the highway.


All in all it was a pretty great weekend.  I have to go in to work tomorrow and then am off Tuesday for Canada Day.  A long weekend would have been nicer but it’s a short week nonetheless.  I am also guessing it should be a quiet day at work with lots of people booked off for a vacation day.  And we get to wear casual wear so that always makes it a good day in my books.

Do you do meal prep on the weekends?


Have you got anything planned for Canada Day?



Back at It

I’m linking up with Katie this week!

This week has been a lot of rest days.  I went on a business trip to Chicago and I had so little down time that I didn’t even pack my workout gear.  I probably could have gotten up early, but I didn’t want to overdo it with my time management for what was a pretty important trip for me.  I am ok with skipping the workouts, I didn’t feel guilty about it, and I was so busy I didn’t miss it.  But, I ate HORRIBLY.  I gave NO thought whatsoever about anything I ate.

so frigging true
so frigging true

I feel pretty gross and not happy with myself.  I need to get my shit together.  I know many are probably reading this and rolling eyes, and I am too.  I have said it so many times.  But there’s always going to be ups and downs and as long as we get back to the ups after the downs then it’s all good.  No dwelling.  Dust yourself off and move on.

I finally made it in for a workout today and it left me feeling it already in my arms.  In a very good way.  Brushing my hair tomorrow could hurt. We had some sled pulls scheduled but sadly Mother Nature had other plans and it poured so we couldn’t go outside.  So instead we worked on skills of our choice.  I decided to work on strict pull ups.  Exciting news is that I got one!!!!  I was pretty pumped.  My coach tried to get one on video but I couldn’t do a second one.  There’s was two of us working on them and we worked together doing reverse ones.  We helped each other up by assisting with holding the legs and then working on lowering ourselves to build more strength.  Did I ever feel the burn on those!


7 rounds

20 mountain climbers

12 DB clean thrusters

5 KB presses (each side)

10 box jumps

The original wod on the board had running instead of mountain climbers but again the rain put a real damper on that (excuse the awesome pun).  This was a surprisingly tough wod.  I used 12 lbs for the dumb bells but after the first round I decided to just do a clean and press and not the thrusters, so I went up in weight and did 15 lbs.  It was tough.  I liked this wod and my arms are even kind of sore typing this.  We finished with some ab work.

It will be nice to get back into the workout routine.  Work is changing and getting busier so I am going to need to be a little more flexible with my workout schedule and maybe I will just start doing some more at home workouts and some more running.  I need to work on that flexibility.

Now it’s time to focus on bed time since last night was really late thanks to a delayed flight.  Sweet dreams everyone!

Tell me your favourite at home workout?


Can you do a pull up?

Just What I Needed

The past week was a whirlwind and I have got a pretty crazy and busy week ahead of me. This weekend we escaped to Port Dover for a family weekend and it was just what I needed.

Friday night I didn’t make it to CrossFit. I was late leaving work and so I decided to treat myself to a manicure and pedicure instead. Then when I got home I went to watch J play baseball.

Saturday started with CrossFit. I got up and went to an earlier than usual class. I went to the women’s boot camp class that runs before our usual class. It was a good workout that started with Deadlifts. We did sets of 2 and I worked up to 145 lbs.

800 m run

7 rds of 1:45
10 burpees
20 air squats.


I got home and got myself cleaned and organized for our weekend away. C went the day before me and thanks to the weather J was working so I headed up work my future sister in law and her hubby. We had such a relaxing day of beach and sun and beverages.  It was nice to get away and spend time as a family and just kind of soak up the first day of Summer.

living it up and soaking it in
living it up and soaking it in

J and his dad finally made it up around 9pm.  It was sad he couldn’t be there for the whole weekend but at least they made it for some dinner and marshmallow roasting.  He stayed over and after a delicious big breakfast he headed home.  I spent the remainder of the day soaking up more sun.  I am happy to report I practiced sun safety and did not burn.

this chair = heaven
this chair = heaven


I got home early evening and did a whole bunch of laundry.  I am leaving tomorrow for a business trip so I needed to get everything sorted for that.  I got all packed and organized and think I am ready to go.  It’s my first big business trip so I am a little nervous.  I was hoping to get some workouts in while I am gone, but it doesn’t look too promising.  I saw an agenda and I think we don’t have a lot of down time.  I won’t feel guilty about it because I will get back to it when I am back.  If I get anxious, I can always do something in the room to burn off some energy, or use my trusty meditation app to help clear my mind.

I made us up sweet potato nachos for dinner as a special treat and they did not disappoint.  I think this is my favourite dinner right now.


So friends. I must get back to getting packed and folding a shit ton of laundry.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and celebrated the first day of Summer outside.  It sure was beautiful for us here.

Was it a nice weekend where you live?  How did you get outside?


Do you workout when you travel?

I usually try to when I can.

A Random Day Off

Wednesday meant CrossFit after work. There was only two of us again (the same two of us as last time).


5 x 5 front squats
5 x 10 strict press

I did 65 lbs for the front squats and just kept my strict press at 35 lbs.


EMOTM for 12 min
5 dumbbell thrusters

50 lunges
40 sit ups
30 burpees
40 sit ups
50 lunges

Basically you work at the wod and every time the clock beeped at a minute you did the DB thrusters and then continued where you left off. It was a good one. I was super sweaty after. Then our coach had us do 10 plank holds holding everything SO tight for 10 seconds and then resting 10 seconds in between.

When I got home I was a lucky girl because J was making us dinner. He did a ton of grilling on the BBQ.

Dinner was soooo delicious. It tasted like Summertime.

So lately I have been thinking I should unplug more before bed. I am always on my phone and I often have trouble falling asleep. I had downloaded some meditation apps recently so I decided to give one a try. J and I fell asleep super quick listening to it. It worked pretty good. I felt so relaxed. I definitely will be trying that again.

We took the day off today to take C to the new Aquarium in Toronto. We have heard it’s really amazing so we are excited to get there!

Have you taken a day off recently for a day trip?

Have you ever tried sleep meditations?

I Don’t Sparkle

Today was a day of waiting for the storm to hit. Mr Weather has predicted a pretty bad ass storm for today. It was a very hot day and something about it colliding worth a cold front equals some crazy ass weather. The wind has been nuts and I’m kind of worried about my beautiful hanging baskets (at least they won’t need water) and also C’s trampoline. Please let it still be in our yard when I get home.

I hit up CrossFit after work. We worked on our hang cleans and I feel like I made some really great progress with this lift. I worked up to 75lbs and stopped there after it took me several attempts to land it properly.


5 rounds

1 min kettlebell swings
1 min man makers
1 min box jumps
1 min rest

I had to rush out to get C and get her to her singing lesson on time so no time to do any abs which I really would have liked to get in. I might try and get some done this evening once I am finally home.

I was a sweaty mess post workout. You know the saying “I don’t sweat, I sparkle”? Nah. Not me. I sweat. I earned it, I’m not going to sugar coat it.

I went straight to singing and thankfully there isn’t anyone else sitting here waiting because I don’t think they would want to get close to me.

While C was in her lesson the skies opened up and it was POURING. Like torrential. It was crazy! Now the sun has come out again within a matter of 15 minutes. Strange weather. There are still severe thunderstorm watches for the evening.

Let’s hope everyone stays safe and dry!

What was your workout today?

The Best Kind of Monday

Normally I am all I hate Monday’s when starting off a Monday recap post but not this time.  Nope, I won’t complain about it.  Sure it still sucked that the weekend was over, but the day in itself really wasn’t that bad.

Crossfit after work, let’s start with strength.  We did 10 sets of 2 back squats- I worked up to 115 lbs which is pretty awesome for me post injury.  I haven’t been doing much more than 85 and 95 lately so it was nice to increase and my form felt strong.  I do think I could have done more, but I decided to stop there and not push it.


14 min AMRAP

1 clean and jerk

1 rd of Cindy

2 clean and jerk

1 rd of Cindy

It increased each round for the clean and jerk only.  Every round was just one round of Cindy.  For those that might not be familiar or need a refresher of what Cindy is let me recap, its 5 pull ups, 10 push ups and 15 squats.

I got through 7 rounds for this one.  It felt pretty awesome.  I have been having some wrist pain the last couple of days so I did modify my push ups by using dumbbells to hold and that helped a lot.

After we got home, we got organized and tidied up and then it was time to think about dinner.  We were going to have fast cook steak.  I sliced some potato’s super thin and made chips in the oven with them.  J got home and marinated the steak and we marinated some mushrooms and he did all those on the barbecue.  Then I made a small caprese style salad with basil from our planter.


This dinner was soooo good!  C had a slightly modified more kid friendly dinner but she ate it so fast with no fuss.  Normally we have to persuade and encourage her to finish.  We were all finished and almost cleaned up by 7:30 which is pretty awesome for us.  We eat dinner late and it usually is a much longer process.  As a treat we decided to go for ice cream to the shop down the road (which in the country isn’t THAT close but it’s close for us).


The rest of the night was spent as it should be, checking out our engagement pics and watching the Bachelorette.  I fully support Andi’s decision this week- except get rid of Nick!!  He is a sourpuss.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!


Favourite ice cream flavour?

Mine is Moose trails- it’s chocolate ripple with mini peanut butter cups in it.


Who do you think the front runner is for the Bachelorette?

I’m really thinking it’s Josh



Food Prep and Father’s Day

Awesome weekend part two.  We finished off Saturday with some cuddles and an awesome dinner of Sushi while we watched a Dateline Real Life Mystery.  Three of my favourite things rolled into a pretty awesome night.

party platter is the only way to do takeout
party platter is the only way to do takeout

This morning I got up and made myself some breakfast.  I had good intentions of making breakfast for J but he had to work later than I thought.  So by the time he got home he wasn’t hungry for anything.  He wanted to enjoy a Father’s Day nap so I set out to do groceries for the week.  I was SO annoyed when I got to the check out and went to pay I didn’t have my wallet!  Argh!  I had to go home and get it.  The suspended the transaction so I didn’t have to redo it or have them ring it through again.  I got J and I lunch and headed home.  The rest of the day was spent doing A LOT of laundry.  I also did some food prep and I was lucky enough to have J do all the barbecuing for it.  I am definitely set for a couple of days worth of lunches now.

grilled chicken, asparagus and pineapple
grilled chicken, asparagus and pineapple

Since it’s Father’s Day I wanted to take a minute to show my appreciation for the two father figures in my life.  One is J.  He may not be C’s biological Father but he is a Dad in every single way.  He teaches her so much, and protects her and makes her laugh.  He is so loving and we appreciate having him in our lives so much.

we love you J xoxo
we love you J xoxo

We got him cards and C picked out some chocolate for him to enjoy.  I brought him home a canolli when I did groceries because he loves them.  I also gave him tickets to a Blue Jays game in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait for it!  We haven’t been to a game yet this year so it is well over due.

The other special shout out is for my Dad.  He has had my back unconditionally for 38 years and I have always been able to call him when I need anything.  Anything at all, he will be there.  And now he is such an amazing Opa to C.  He was a strong father figure to her for many years as well.  I love you Dad xoxox.


We have a dinner with J’s side of the family to celebrate Father’s Day with them.  I hope all the Dad’s, those that have played a fatherly role and the mom’s that act as both mom and dad have an amazing day.

Give your Dad a hug!