If She’s Getting Older, it Means I’m Getting Older

Well friends. Another weekend in the books. It was a lovely one at that. We finished off yesterday with some real excitement, we got our engagement photos taken! It was a lot of fun. We also had family photos done with the three of us and I am DYING to see them. I am hoping for a sneak peek tonight.

Today was C’s birthday party. She invited 10 friends and we went to a historical house in the city called Whitehern. It’s so pretty.

The kids got to play some games out on the grounds of the house and we got a tour. Then they got to make ice cream the old fashioned way. It was so cute all the kids were so excited.

We had a blast. Then we headed home and I wanted to do something relaxing so I decided to just set up outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and get some sun. C joined me and we just chilled outside. I listened to some mellow music and just looked at how beautiful and peaceful it is where we live.

It was so nice out. C and I then did some groceries and I did some meal prep. I also made cupcakes for her class tomorrow. It’s her actual birthday tomorrow.

For dinner we went out just the three of us. It was really nice to spend the time together. It was a really wonderful weekend where we spent a lot of time together just the three of us. I feel really grateful that I have this beautiful family. I do.

What was the highlight of your weekend?
Mine was definitely the photo shoot Saturday. It was so fun.

Favourite cupcake flavour?
Mine would be anything with a cheesecake icing.


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