Running Up That Hill




I feel like I have been a stranger but then I realized it hasn’t been that long.  Maybe I just have a lot to say?  I don’t know, but let’s get started shall we? Wednesday’s wod.  I KILLED it.  It was such a good class!  Here I was thinking oh man, this is going to be hard, it’s my third day in a row and my legs are sore still from Monday… but nope.  Killed it.  Wednesday had been a pretty stressful day at work.  A long stressful day.  I didn’t get out of work until quite late which meant I went to a later class.  I went to the 6:15 class.  There was one girl I knew and then two others that were new, it was their second class.  We did a good warm up and then we did the SWOD.


Find your 2 rep max push press

I welcomed this challenge and managed to work up to a whopping 95 lbs for two reps!!!  Whaaaaaat?  It felt awesome.  So awesome I tried 100 lbs.  I got the first rep pretty easy but in all the excitement I didn’t concentrate and didn’t push through all the way on the second rep and didn’t get it.  But still, I got 95 lbs twice and I even followed that up with one rep of 100lbs.  OVER MY HEAD.  It is such an empowering feeling for me.


12 min AMRAP


7 push press

3 burpees

I used 55 lbs for this wod and I was on fire.   I was sprinting faster than usual and just picking that bar up and banging those reps off.  I felt amazing.  I think I really needed that workout.  We then followed up with 7 minutes of ab work.  I went home on a major wod high.

I had to strike a pose, I felt so good!
I had to strike a pose, I felt so good!

I got home and once I got C organized and to bed I made myself some dinner.  I had some turkey burgers to cook up so I did that and topped it with feta cheese and a fried egg.  I made a little side dish of tomato and feta and some balsamic drizzle.


Then I spent some time on a phone date with my best girl L.  We had actually prepared an agenda to ensure we covered off all the topics we needed to catch up on.  Our phone call lasted 2 and a half hours!!!!  That is a long phone call!  Thank goodness for unlimited long distance plans.

Fast forward to Thursday, it started off with another stressful meeting.  I got through the day and it was so nice out, there was a nice breeze and it wasn’t as hot as it has been so I thought it would be a good night to go for a run before I picked up C.  I did just that and ran a quick 6 km route that included the dreaded Jerseyville hill.  I have conquered this hill one other time without taking a break and I was determined to do it again last night and I did just that.  It was such a nice night for a run and I felt amazing.  We headed home and I did a quick Tabata of sit ups and then did three sets of weighted Russian twists.  Then it was a busy night of visitors and weekend prep.

I won’t make it to a wod tonight since we have a busy evening and weekend planned.  If time permits I might try to get something in on my own, but with Crossfit Mon, Tues, Wed and a run Thurs, I think tonight may just be a rest night.

I hope you all have a quick and easy Friday that brings you to the weekend quicker. Happy Friday friends!



Will today be a rest day for you or do you have an awesome workout planned?


Tell me one awesome thing you have planned for this weekend!




One thought on “Running Up That Hill

  1. Does working count as the awesome thing I have planned for the weekend? LOL. Great job on your workout. There’s nothing like a post-WOD high. You got in some good workouts this week; a rest night is probably just what your body needs. Keep up the great work. I look forward to the day when I can say that ran a “quick 6K.”

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