Celebrations, Visits and Organization

This weekend went way too fast for me.  There was a lot of activity crammed in so it was definitely very productive and a lot of fun. Friday C headed out for adventure with Brownie Camp.  She did the full tent camping experience.  I was responsible for driving her and her friend to the campsite.  It was a ton of fun sitting in Friday evening traffic getting them there (eye roll).  But they got there safe and got all their camping gear unloaded.  I headed home in time to meet up with J and some friends.  We headed to a stag and doe for James’ cousin and we had a ton of fun.  I haven’t mentioned to any of you before but J is pretty much the best toonie tosser out there. He is so good he almost always wins.  Friday he was in the lead to win a whole cooler full of booze but someone beat him out last minute.  It was a sad moment.  We did lots of game playing, and eating and drinking and headed home.

Saturday morning I got up and headed to CrossFit to start my day off with a good sweat.  It did not dissappoint as usual.  Our wod was a partner wod.  My usual awesome partner was there and we joined forces again for this wod.


400 m run

60 burpees

3 rounds of renegade squats *

40 burpees

400 m run

*Renegade squats is 1 min back squats, 1 min front squats and 1 min air squats.

Each partner did a 400 m run, and the burpees were done one partner at a time so you each did half.  It kept it a nice pace and didn’t tire you out too bad.  Then we both did renegade squats together where when one did back squat the other did front and we did air squats together.

I left feeling pretty pumped and ready to start my day.

and bad-ass.  apparently i felt bad ass too.
and bad-ass. apparently i felt bad ass too.

When I got home I did a whole bunch of cleaning and tidying and laundry.  Then when J got home from work we went and did grocery shopping and to a garden centre to get some basics for our garden.  He worked so hard out there getting it all ready.  I didn’t help because my allergies don’t allow me to spend very much time outside.  He did a great job.  We then got ready and headed out, he went to a Bachelor party and I went for drinks with a couple girl friends.

we cleaned up nice
we cleaned up nice

Today we had members of our wedding party come over to do some planning and organizing for the upcoming events  We made a really yummy lunch of chicken, sausage, grilled pineapple, pasta salad and my famous nacho dip.  One of the groomsmen brought a salad and the best ma’am made the most delicious lemon squares.  She also made a life changing dessert.  It was a cheese ball covered in chocolate chips and skor bits that you spread on chocolate cookies.  It was INCREDIBLE.

I am feeling good about everything we got done this weekend and we have had the evening to relax.  It really was a great and productive weekend.  I feel ready to face the week ahead and start the countdown for next weekend.


What was your weekend workout?


What’s the best dessert you have tasted recently?





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