Beating Nancy and Becoming Techy

I got an invitation to a friends wedding and she had a wedding website on the invitation. J and I had already decided we didn’t want to send response cards and we were going to just use an email address but then I discovered people could respond through the website. What a cool idea! It organizes the list for you! And you can include all kinds of information and details without having to put it all on the invitation.

Last night I spent some time creating our own wedding website and I am quite happy with how it turned out. There was even a section where I could post pictures of us documenting the stages of our relationship. I think it’s really fun and anyone planning a wedding should try it! During the search I found some older pics on my phone I forgot I had. Here’s one I love.


So it’s pretty impressive that I was able to figure it out since I generally suck with computer stuff and technology.  The fact that I figured out anything to do with this blog was pretty much a miracle in itself.  Hence why it’s not very fancy.

Today was a pretty good day.  I hit up CrossFit after work and we started with something I have never tried for the SWOD.  We did box squats.  The SWOD was to do 5 sets of 5 box squats, I didn’t go any heavier than 65 lbs.  Then we did the WOD- NANCY!!!!  BOOOOOO.  I kid.  Well, it was actually my initial reaction to boo, but I sucked it up and got it done.


5 rounds

400 m run

15 overhead squats

For me, I find overhead squats super awkward and I always get a sore back after them.  I did them with just a training bar and I did them for the first, third and fifth rounds.  For the other two rounds I used a 35 lb bar and subbed the overhead squats out for push press.  I finished it in 15:40.  We did the whole wod outside which was nice, but it sure was hot.  We then finished with 75 sit ups.

sweaty betty
sweaty betty

I had a couple of errands to do and I picked up subs for C and J.  I didn’t want to eat a sub as I am not eating much bread these days.  But I was starving by the time I got home and was really regretting that decision.  I decided I wanted something different.  I grabbed a package of quinoa and made that.  Then I came up with a really great recipe on the spot that I decided I will share.

Quinoa Mushroom Skillet

1/2 a package of prepared quinoa (I use half water and half chicken stock when I make mine)

bunch of mushrooms

3 garlic cloves

6-8 asparagus spears cut into halves or thirds

chicken stock

olive oil

parmesan cheese

1. Put a little bit of olive oil in a skillet, add the garlic, asparagus and mushrooms.  Add chicken stock to keep the mixture moist.

2. When all the veggies look cooked, stir in the quinoa.

3.  Add some parmesan cheese.

4.  Enjoy!

simple and so quick!
simple and so quick!

This was a really fast dinner to make and would make a really nice side dish for any meat.  I just didn’t have any meat cooked up or thawed to cook up.  I served it with a caprese salad and I devoured it really quickly.  It made a nice big batch and I have some for lunch tomorrow and plenty for J as well. I think there’s a good chance this meal will make it into our rotation.

Now it’s time for me to sit and watch some tv with my feet up and enjoy the rest of the evening.  C is all tucked to bed and J is playing baseball so I am solo right now.  I can watch whatever I want!  I hope you are all enjoying your evenings as well.


What’s your favourite Quinoa recipe?

I honestly don’t cook with it often at all, other than I have used it in soup in place of pasta.


Have you done the benchmark wod Nancy?  Love it or hate it?

It’s not one of my favourites but all that running did feel good.





One thought on “Beating Nancy and Becoming Techy

  1. Nancy is a wicked WOD. I hate running and OHS are so hard… So much to think about keeping everything tight so you can keep the bar stable overhead. We just did it a couple of weeks ago. A tough one but a good one for sure.

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