Selfies and a New Song to Love

Tuesday went by pretty quick and I am not complaining about that.  Work was busy and I got delivered fresh warm baked goods to my desk so I would say it was a pretty winning day.  After work C had singing so I decided I would cash in on the perfect weather and go for a run.  I did a quick loop near the singing school.  I decided I would make it a little more interesting when I saw some stairs.  I ran to the stairs and then stopped there and ran up and down the stairs about 10 times.  Twice during that I stopped and did tricep dips on the bottom step.  Then I continued on my run.  I did the same thing on the way back.  It felt good to kind of shake it up a little mid run.  It was so warm out it left me pretty sweaty.


C and I headed home.  We got a little goofy in the car and had some fun.

20140610-205403-75243789.jpgThe song I am currently playing on repeat is this one.

Let me In by Grouplove

I am really digging it so I am maximizing the amount of time I play it.  And it’s turned up loud of course!

We got home and the house smelled amazing.  J had made ribs in the slow cooker.  There really is nothing more exciting than coming home and knowing dinner is mostly made for you.  I made some broccoli and cooked up the rest of the package of quinoa I made last night with some chicken stock and peas.  I poured a bit of the rib sauce on all of it and it was a delicious dinner.  C gobbled hers up quickly so I think she approved.  I did take a photo of this dinner but for some annoying reason it didn’t save.  So you will just have to use your imagination and picture it on your own.

I tired myself out with the rest of my evening full of tidying, lunch packing, and wedding planning and now it is time to head off to bed!  I hope you all had an excellent Tuesday and let’s hope Wednesday is just as quick and productive.

Night friends!

What song are you really digging these days?


Did you get sweaty today?




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