10 Rounds and a Scaredy Cat

Ahhhh Wednesday.  It’s a good day for many reasons.  One… it’s hump day.

It's true.  I hate it too but I couldn't resist.
It’s true. I hate it too but I couldn’t resist.

Anyway, it was a busy day.  I had chiro at lunch and left feeling great!  I always feel so good after, my tight muscles feel relieved and my back is less sore.  After work I went to CrossFit.  I did a different time than I usually do since C was visiting her Grandma and I had some me time.  There was only one guy working out in the same class and it was a guy I often see at workouts so the two of us tackled the wod.  As usual we did our warm up and then moved on to strength.


5 x 3 front squats with a pause

5 x 5 body rows (we did these with our feet up on a box- ummmmm wayyyyy harder!!!)



10 rounds for 1:30 with a 30 s rest

5 push press (I used 55 lbs)

3 waiter luinges

3 man makers

odd numbers- burpees

even- front squats (I chose to do air squats)

Wow.  This was a killer wod.  10 rounds was a lot!  Around the 7 round point I was feeling gassed.  It was a doozy and I was sooo sweaty.  After the wod I suggested to the other guy that we do Tabata planks.  He agreed to do it with me on account of me needing to fit into my wedding dress.  Now that’s supportive.  One of the awesome things about my CrossFit family, we help each other out and don’t let each other suffer alone.  So we did our Tabata.  Let me just tell you how hard it is to do planks when you are a sweaty mess.  My arms were sliding all over the mat.  Gross.

what a mess
what a mess

I couldn’t wait to get home and shower and wash my hair.  I did just that.  Then I made dinner and it turned out SO good.  J had grilled me a thin steak and I decided to make sweet potato chips and they turned out perfectly!!!  I served it up with some red pepper and a peach with some feta on it.  Sounds gross?  Try it!


It was such a good dinner and I will definitely post my tips to make these amazing sweet potato chips.  I will be making these a lot more that’s a fact.  After dinner I got C to bed and she was having trouble getting to sleep.  Last night she came in our room after having a nightmare and she was pretty scared about it.  Tonight she talked about it all evening that she was nervous about having it again.  I finally asked her to tell me what it was about and she didn’t even want to tell me to talk about it.  It turns out it has to do with this creature she learned about in school called a Man’O’War.  After several trips upstairs I was able to calm her down.  I then came down and looked it up- EW!!!  It is a scary looking thing.  Google it.  No wonder she got nightmares.

Speaking of being afraid.  We had a bit of a thunderstorm this evening.  I was doing laundry and I heard something at the door and I look over and I see J’s parent’s dog at the door peeking in the window.  I put the cat away and opened the big door leaving the screen closed.  Poor guy is afraid of thunder and no one was home across the street so he came to our house.

scaredy cat.  errrrr... dog
scaredy cat. errrrr… dog

I let him come in on the mat until someone came to get him.  He wouldn’t let me leave the room.  If I tried he barked lol.  What a guy.  I guess my quiet evening in ended up having some excitement.


Are you afraid of thunder?

I’m not going to lie… I am not a fan.  It makes me nervous and I hate being home alone during loud storms.


Did you google the Man’O’War? 

Gross right????






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