It’s Hard To Type With A Kitty on Your Lap

Today did not work out as I had planned.  I normally don’t do well without a plan or when plans change but today was ok.  First though let’s recap last night.  After work I went to CrossFit and there was a nasty wod waiting on the board for us.  We started with a strength wod first.


10 x 1 deadlfts

I worked up to 185 lbs



800 m run

21 thrusters

21 pull ups

400 m run

15 thrusters

15 pull ups

200 m run

9 thursters

9 pull ups


Basically it was Fran with a shitload of running mixed into it.  It sucked!!!  I used just the 35 lb bar because I didn’t want to do push press instead of squats so I thought that it would be better to use a lighter weight and do all the reps without modification.  I was happy that was my choice and I got it done in 17:15.  We then did 50 sit ups.


these pants.  I might be in love
these pants. I might be in love

After CrossFit I picked up C and headed home.  We went to see Maleficent when J got home.  It was good, C really liked it.  The only thing I didn’t enjoy about it was Angelina Jolie.  I am not really a fan and she was the main person in the movie.  I have noticed a couple times during the week that I have a tenderness across my chest during lifts.  When the bar touches my chest it is tender.  I didn’t think much of it.  However as the night went on it got more sore.  By the time I went to bed I couldn’t get comfortable and it felt better to sort of prop up and lay on my back.  Deep breathes were painful.  J got me an ice pack which helped for awhile as well.  I think I have bruised my chest but there is  no visible bruising.  It is still quite uncomfortable today.

This morning we got up early and got ready because our plan was to be in the Heritage Day Parade.  J’s family has a horse wagon and Clydesdales that are in the parade every year.  As we were getting ready J sent me a message that we couldn’t go anymore because one of the tires on the truck was broken and it wouldn’t be fixed in time to make it. So we had a complete change of plans. We were originally going to visit my parents tomorrow but my sister and her family were going today. So we were able to go today and got to visit with my sister and her family which was nice. I was so glad it worked out that way because extra sister time is always appreciated.

For some reason today I have felt so tired. I fell asleep in the car on the way home and then I napped when I got home. While J was off doing chores I decided I would relax on the couch and do a blog post. Our cat Coco on the other hand had other plans.  She would NOT leave me alone and insisted on sitting on me which made it really difficult to type.

Seriously Kitty
Seriously Kitty

I am not complaining though.  She is so sweet and just wanted some cuddles.  I was happy to oblige.

my little buddy
my little buddy

The rest of the afternoon has been filled with kitty cuddles, tv watching and another epic phone date with my bestie L.  Definitely not a bad way to spend the Saturday even though it wasn’t exactly as planned.

Do you like having a plan to follow?


Do you have any pets?



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