I Don’t Sparkle

Today was a day of waiting for the storm to hit. Mr Weather has predicted a pretty bad ass storm for today. It was a very hot day and something about it colliding worth a cold front equals some crazy ass weather. The wind has been nuts and I’m kind of worried about my beautiful hanging baskets (at least they won’t need water) and also C’s trampoline. Please let it still be in our yard when I get home.

I hit up CrossFit after work. We worked on our hang cleans and I feel like I made some really great progress with this lift. I worked up to 75lbs and stopped there after it took me several attempts to land it properly.


5 rounds

1 min kettlebell swings
1 min man makers
1 min box jumps
1 min rest

I had to rush out to get C and get her to her singing lesson on time so no time to do any abs which I really would have liked to get in. I might try and get some done this evening once I am finally home.

I was a sweaty mess post workout. You know the saying “I don’t sweat, I sparkle”? Nah. Not me. I sweat. I earned it, I’m not going to sugar coat it.

I went straight to singing and thankfully there isn’t anyone else sitting here waiting because I don’t think they would want to get close to me.

While C was in her lesson the skies opened up and it was POURING. Like torrential. It was crazy! Now the sun has come out again within a matter of 15 minutes. Strange weather. There are still severe thunderstorm watches for the evening.

Let’s hope everyone stays safe and dry!

What was your workout today?


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