A Random Day Off

Wednesday meant CrossFit after work. There was only two of us again (the same two of us as last time).


5 x 5 front squats
5 x 10 strict press

I did 65 lbs for the front squats and just kept my strict press at 35 lbs.


EMOTM for 12 min
5 dumbbell thrusters

50 lunges
40 sit ups
30 burpees
40 sit ups
50 lunges

Basically you work at the wod and every time the clock beeped at a minute you did the DB thrusters and then continued where you left off. It was a good one. I was super sweaty after. Then our coach had us do 10 plank holds holding everything SO tight for 10 seconds and then resting 10 seconds in between.

When I got home I was a lucky girl because J was making us dinner. He did a ton of grilling on the BBQ.

Dinner was soooo delicious. It tasted like Summertime.

So lately I have been thinking I should unplug more before bed. I am always on my phone and I often have trouble falling asleep. I had downloaded some meditation apps recently so I decided to give one a try. J and I fell asleep super quick listening to it. It worked pretty good. I felt so relaxed. I definitely will be trying that again.

We took the day off today to take C to the new Aquarium in Toronto. We have heard it’s really amazing so we are excited to get there!

Have you taken a day off recently for a day trip?

Have you ever tried sleep meditations?


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