Back at It

I’m linking up with Katie this week!

This week has been a lot of rest days.  I went on a business trip to Chicago and I had so little down time that I didn’t even pack my workout gear.  I probably could have gotten up early, but I didn’t want to overdo it with my time management for what was a pretty important trip for me.  I am ok with skipping the workouts, I didn’t feel guilty about it, and I was so busy I didn’t miss it.  But, I ate HORRIBLY.  I gave NO thought whatsoever about anything I ate.

so frigging true
so frigging true

I feel pretty gross and not happy with myself.  I need to get my shit together.  I know many are probably reading this and rolling eyes, and I am too.  I have said it so many times.  But there’s always going to be ups and downs and as long as we get back to the ups after the downs then it’s all good.  No dwelling.  Dust yourself off and move on.

I finally made it in for a workout today and it left me feeling it already in my arms.  In a very good way.  Brushing my hair tomorrow could hurt. We had some sled pulls scheduled but sadly Mother Nature had other plans and it poured so we couldn’t go outside.  So instead we worked on skills of our choice.  I decided to work on strict pull ups.  Exciting news is that I got one!!!!  I was pretty pumped.  My coach tried to get one on video but I couldn’t do a second one.  There’s was two of us working on them and we worked together doing reverse ones.  We helped each other up by assisting with holding the legs and then working on lowering ourselves to build more strength.  Did I ever feel the burn on those!


7 rounds

20 mountain climbers

12 DB clean thrusters

5 KB presses (each side)

10 box jumps

The original wod on the board had running instead of mountain climbers but again the rain put a real damper on that (excuse the awesome pun).  This was a surprisingly tough wod.  I used 12 lbs for the dumb bells but after the first round I decided to just do a clean and press and not the thrusters, so I went up in weight and did 15 lbs.  It was tough.  I liked this wod and my arms are even kind of sore typing this.  We finished with some ab work.

It will be nice to get back into the workout routine.  Work is changing and getting busier so I am going to need to be a little more flexible with my workout schedule and maybe I will just start doing some more at home workouts and some more running.  I need to work on that flexibility.

Now it’s time to focus on bed time since last night was really late thanks to a delayed flight.  Sweet dreams everyone!

Tell me your favourite at home workout?


Can you do a pull up?


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