Recapping the Weekend

This weekend was busy but very productive.  Friday I went to CrossFit after work and got my butt kicked.  I was sore from Thursday’s wod having not worked out at the beginning of the week at all, and I had a splitting headache.  I still wanted to go though and in the end I was glad I did.  However; when I read the wod I wasn’t so sure I made the right choice.


5 x 5 deadlifts – I was feeling sooo tired, I only did 115 lbs



800 m run

50 back squats *

40 double unders *

30 sit ups *

*do these three movements twice

400 m run

I can’t do double unders so for those of us that can’t it was a minute and a half of practice.

this sums how i felt when i was done.  sweaty and grumpy.
this sums how i felt when i was done. sweaty and grumpy.

Friday night we went to an event at a farm, and then we took C to J’s sister’s house for a sleepover.  They took her to Legoland Saturday for her birthday present.  They had a blast!  In the morning I got up and hit CrossFit.  It was a special wod we do every year to honour the UK Armed Forces.  Our coach used to be in the UK military.  It is a crazy chipper of a wod and each represents a soldier who died.

too long to rewrite
too long to rewrite

We were allowed to modify where needed as long as we did all the reps.  It took almost 40 minutes to finish this one.  I was pretty exhausted after and I was definitely feeling it today, but it was a good feeling.

feeling jacked
feeling jacked

Last night we just ordered in and watched some of our shows.  It was nice and quiet and good to spend some time alone.  This morning we slept in and had a nice breakfast and then I got to work on doing some meal prep for the week.  By some I mean A LOT.  I am pretty much set for the entire week with all meals and snacks.  I am even ahead and have some prepped in the freezer for next week as well.  I am trying something new so it was pretty time consuming but I feel confident it will get easier as the weeks go on.

like. a. boss.
like. a. boss.

We drove C to my parent’s house tonight for dinner and had a nice visit with them in their new house.  C is staying there for the week as the daycare she goes to is closed this week. She always spends this week with them and she loves it.  On the way home we took some new back roads and had a little adventure.  The skies were incredible.  A storm was hanging around and the clouds looked so ominous, then it opened up and POURED on us.  And then there was the most beautiful sunsets.  And we saw a rainbow!  It made the drive even more beautiful.  It definitely beats the highway.


All in all it was a pretty great weekend.  I have to go in to work tomorrow and then am off Tuesday for Canada Day.  A long weekend would have been nicer but it’s a short week nonetheless.  I am also guessing it should be a quiet day at work with lots of people booked off for a vacation day.  And we get to wear casual wear so that always makes it a good day in my books.

Do you do meal prep on the weekends?


Have you got anything planned for Canada Day?



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