Just Another Day

I wish this post was about how exciting it is that the week is almost over but this just feels like the week that just won’t quit. I don’t have much to really say in this post because the day was basically just working. I had a busy day and headed to my usual 4:15 CrossFit class. It was a busy class and the wod was supposed to include running but Mother Nature didn’t get the memo and rained so we did a different wod.

Strength was a clean into a strict press. I got to 75 lbs.

10 thrusters
1 manmaker

Then each round decreased by one thruster until it was down to one.

Immediately in the first round I knew I couldn’t do the thrusters. My knees have been sore the last couple of days. I felt achy and old today and I think the running is catching up with me and causing me some knee pain. I have a chiro appointment tomorrow and hope to get that sorted out.

Dinner was nice. I went to a friends house and she made me a yummy quinoa chicken stir fry. Then it was home for meal prep and some laundry and it’s early to bed for me.

Sorry I don’t have any exciting pictures or anything in this post. Just a recap of a regular day. I hope your week is going faster than mine!


Destressing and Record Breaking

This week has started with a real bang.  I have so. much. to. do.  It’s insane.  And of course when it rains, it pours.  Between the craziness at work and the craziness of personal stuff to do it’s a crazy combination.  Monday, the work day just whizzed by.  C is at a new camp, a horse back riding camp and she is loving it.  It changes our schedule a little bit so it meant a later workout for me at CrossFit.  She came with me to the 5:15 class instead of my usual 4:15.  The swod was back squats but my legs were still so tight from Saturday’s Renegade Squats, I opted to push press instead.  It was 5 sets of 5 reps and I worked up to 75 lbs.


3 rounds

30 kettlebell swings

20 goblet squats

10 burpees

This had a 10 minute cap and I got it done in about 9:30.  It was killer!  It also made me want to get a kettlebell for my at home workouts even more.  I am definitely going to look into that further this weekend.  I will just add it to the crazy list of other stuff we have to do for our Stag and Doe next week.  We also did a round of Tabata where it was 20 s plank and 10 s mountain climbers.  Then we finished with 50 sit ups.

Dinner was soup and the rest of the evening was spent chatting on the phone to my best girl L and of course watching the Bachlorette finale.  Booo, I didn’t really like either of the final two but I do think they seem quite happy together.  One exciting thing to mention is that sweet corn season is finally here and we officially can start having corn every night for dinner!

eating it raw in the car before we even got across the street
eating it raw in the car before we even got across the street

Today was an even more crazy day for me.  I had to be at work at 7:00 am so it was an early morning.  The day was one meeting and phone call after the next.  I was feeling pretty stressed so decided to work in a run to help me de-stress.  It was just what I needed.  I planned to do a short HIIT run again but once I got moving I had a great pace going so once again I decided to just keep running and did another 5km run.  I think I broke my record again for the timing, but I am not sure my timer was working properly so I can’t say for sure.


I had hoped to run all day but as it got closer to the time I was going to go I found myself coming up with reasons not to go.  I do this a lot.  I finally just said nope, you are doing it.  No excuses, just go.  And I was so glad I did, I had an awesome run at a great pace and I got home feeling amazing.  I need to remember that feeling.  I never regret going.

The rest of the evening was spent working on stag and doe stuff.  A friend and I made up 100 packages of tickets.  I am feeling a lot more prepared.  We got a bunch of stuff organized and I feel like now I know what we need to do and I feel a little less stressed about it.  I also think my running helped with that, it just helped clear my mind.

Now it’s time to go get my beauty sleep so I can be ready to face another busy day tomorrow.

Has this been a busy week for you?


How do you relieve stress?

for me it’s running, or lifting heavy things.  and cuddling.  that helps a lot too.



Swimming, Squatting and a Storm

The weekend was off to a great start on Friday.

I was super excited to leave work after what felt like a really long week. I picked up C from camp and we came home and got ourselves ready for a family dinner out. We went to our favourite pub and it was my night to have my cheat meal. I got a steak and sweet potato fries which I had been craving forever. It did not disappoint. Then we got two desserts and I had a couple bites of each. I was so full when we were done.

It was really nice for the three of us to spend that time together and we had a blast. We hadn’t had much family time during the week. I was so excited about my delicious meal I didn’t take any pics. In fact this weekend I really failed with the photos.

Saturday morning I went to CrossFit and was not so delighted to discover that the workout we were doing was Renegade Squats. I knew I was in for some sore legs.

4 rounds
1 min back squats
1 min push ups
1 min front squats
1 min sit ups
1 min air squats
1 min rest

We did it in partners and we used 55 lbs. My legs were totally shaking by the end of it. After the workout I came home and had a waffle. I did take a photo of that.

That afternoon C and I went to a friends house to swim in her pool. It’s a friend we haven’t seen in awhile and it was so nice for us to catch up. Then the evening was just spent relaxing. We did take a selfie to document our couch time.

Today I slept in until almost 10:00! I couldn’t believe it. C was just watching a movie and let me sleep. I got up and made us breakfast. I had a delicious Mexican omelet.

Then C and I did our grocery shopping. And then she went to spend the afternoon with her Grandma. J and I had an appointment at the venue we are getting married at so we talked all kinds of details there and it made me even more excited about how beautiful our day is going to be.

For dinner tonight J grilled steak and zucchini and it was amazing. I finished the night with meal prep for lunches for us all. We got hit with a major thunderstorm right when C went to bed so it was kind of loud. I stayed up with her and put new sheets on our bed which will worry much guarantee an awesome sleep now.

Back to work tomorrow. I wish it was a long weekend.

Do you love the feeling of fresh sheets on the bed?
It’s one of my favourite things.

Did you get a workout in this weekend?

Death By Burpees Voluntarily???

Thursday has become one of my regular CrossFit nights during the Summer months.  I had a plan to get C and take her for dinner and then she would come with me and hang out while I did my workout.  Well those plans quickly changed when I got to camp and she was feeling under the weather.  She was definitely not going to be in the mood to sit through a class.  I got her a sub as she requested and we headed home instead and she got some comfies on and settled on the couch.  Once she got some Advil she seemed better but still no CrossFit.  So I texted my coach with my dilemma and he said I could do the same workout they were doing.  Perfect I thought!  Then he told me what it was!  He said they were doing Death by Burpees and a 12 minute AMRAP!  oh god… death by burpees.  It’s hard to do on the best of days in the gym- but doing it on my own at home?  That was going to be a challenge.  I figured no excuses though, if I would have done it in the class then there was no reason not to do it at home.  So I got my gym set up for the wod’s and got ready to go.  I even made a new playlist.

my at home gym
my at home gym

See the bowl behind the Ipad?  That was a life hack I learned from my bestie L.  When you put your phone in it, it makes speakers!  Mind. Blown. It worked like a charm. I used a timer app on my Ipad to count my rounds for the AMRAP.  The driveway was where I did my sprint.  Let’s start with Death By Burpees.  Basically,  you start with one minute for one burpee.  Then minute 2 you do 2 burpees and so on.  The idea is to keep going till you fail and don’t get all your burpees in during the minute.  My coach told me to do it for 12 minutes.  So I did.  And I was pretty wiped by the end of it let me tell you that.

Then I did an AMRAP.  It was 12 minutes of 15 goblet squats, a driveway sprint, and 20 sit ups.  It wasn’t a tough one, but (a) I have a long driveway, and (b) I had just done all those burpees and (c) it was hot out!  I was a real sweaty betty when I was done that workout.

proof it happened.
proof it happened.

When I was done I went in and made myself some dinner and got A LOT of laundry done.  C was quite happy playing with her barbies so I got caught up on the Bachelorette finally and Teen Mom.  I got a chocolate craving like nobody’s business last night and finally caved but I made something off my meal plan so I wouldn’t feel guilty recording it.  I made this chocolate coconut pudding and it was incredible.

it may not look pretty but it tasted heavenly
it may not look pretty but it tasted heavenly

My final thought to leave you with is my newest musical obsession.  I literally can’t get enough of this song.  I dare you to listen and not want to at the very least tap your foot along with the beat if you don’t break out into dance.  It’s totally my favourite happy song right now.

you need to listen.  you're welcome.
you need to listen. you’re welcome.


Happy Friday friends!  Enjoy your weekend!


Did you listen to the song?  Did you love it??


Where do you do your at home workouts?







More Thrusters and Burpees Too

Where do I start with yesterday?  OMG it started out rough.  I was so frustrated in the morning that I was almost in tears.   It was really bringing me down.  A co-worker brought me in this and it totally brought a smile to my face.

it's so me!
it’s so me!

I have it on display on my desk.  I am not drinking pop right now so it will remain tightly sealed, but you really never know when a DC emergency will strike so it’s good to be prepared.  However, J if you are reading this, then yes I will bring it home and we can dump it out.  (I love you).

The rest of my work day was pretty much as good as it started and as soon as 4pm hit I was out.

this might be my first GIF guys!
this might be my first GIF guys!

I picked up C and took her to her Grandma’s and then I went to CrossFit.  Wow, was I ever not prepared for what I was walking into.  Firstly, I got there and spent a lot of time sitting in my car playing on my phone before going in.  I was early, for one, but also I was feeling so so tired.  Another member pulled up in the car beside me and got out and was kind of looking at me, so I took a deep breath and got out of the car.  I got in and changed and saw the people from the 4:15 class laying on the floor recovering from the wod.  Ouch- I knew this would be a doozy.


5 x 2 push press

5 x 1 thrusters

I worked up to 2 95 lb push presses.  I was pretty excited about that weight as a double.  My thruster I got up to 85.  I attempted 90 but stopped it because it felt H-E-A-V-Y.


10-1 thrusters

1-10 burpee pull ups

* btwn each round do 20 mountain climbers

Example- 10 thrusters, 1 burpee pull up, 20 mountain climbers, then it’s 9 thrusters, 2 burpee pull ups, 20 mountain climbers and so on.

This was tough.  I used 55 lbs on my barbell.  I also alternated and did push press for every other round since my hip was feeling fatigued.  It was definitely a knock you on your ass when you are done wod.  As we were recovering our coach announced to just “finish up” with 100 sit ups.  Oh good, only 100.  LOL

I had to document my post workout with a selfie. #obvi
I had to document my post workout with a selfie. #obvi

When I got home J was just getting home and we went in and we made protein waffles as our dinner.  I was really craving the maple syrup.  I was starving so sadly did not document the waffle’s amazingness with a photo.  Trust me.  It was delicious.  After I picked C up and all lunches were organized, we had a family game of Mario Cart.


I decided again not to do any type of planning or wedding work last night and even skipped the laundry I had planned and instead we just had some family time.  It’s rare we have a weeknight all together between all of our extracurricular stuff we each do.

I hope you are all having a great week and are looking forward to the weekend!  Not too much longer now!


When was the last knock you on your butt workout you did?


Mario cart?  Love it or no thanks?

It’s a popular one in our house because we can all play it together.





So. Much. Energy

Yesterday was a busy work day but I felt like I accomplished a lot.  I woke up late and was rushed in the morning so I opted for a shake for breakfast and made the pumpkin pie one again only this time added ice and it was delicious!  After work I had an unexpected night to myself.  J was working late, and C went to a friends house so I headed to CrossFit.  I don’t usually go on Tuesday’s so I didn’t know that on Tuesday’s the class is a Strongman Lifting Class.  We did some cool lifts.  We did an axle clean and jerk, it felt really strange but it was really neat to try something new.



30 clean and jerks

* the difference was we were to do clean and jerks in a different way than we usually would, with just a barbell.  I chose to do kettlebell clean and presses, with a kettlebell in both hands.  It felt super awkward but it was a great strength workout.  I felt like there wasn’t enough cardio for me though.


I headed home and once I got home it was really starting to cool down and feel like a nice night I decided to go for a run.  I started out just planning a short HIIT but it was feeling really good so I decided to keep going and I finished my 5km route.  I had so much energy I just wanted to keep going.  It was a good stress relief and my mind was enjoying the break from all the overthinking I have been doing.

feeling so good
feeling so good

It was a really nice night and I felt like I was really taking my surroundings in and enjoying them.  I noticed the beauty of where we live.  The was starting to set and the skies were so pretty.

I live in a beautiful place
I live in a beautiful place

After I got home I did some laundry and made myself a dinner of spicy quinoa and veggies.  I watched some of the Bachelorette Men Tell All but mostly just got myself organized and ready for the next day.

Today I have been having a real day from Hell.  I am looking forward to my after work CrossFit work out to get my head straight again.

Are you planning a workout tonight?


Do you ever just keep running to enjoy the beauty?


Changing Plans and Manicures

Monday. It can be a real jerk. That’s what my friend L said to me today and she is right about that. Today I was tired all day. I didn’t have the best sleep and snoozed my alarm A LOT this morning. I didn’t have to drive C as far this morning and we had made breakfast up last night so I knew I had some extra time.

Last night J and made this Meat Frittata and cut it up into portions for breakfast and lunches.

It was really yummy but I found it very filling and hard to finish for breakfast.

Work was busy and I was craving a workout. Our gym was closed today so I didn’t have my usual Monday CrossFit class. I decided I would do something on my own when I got home. However, we were having issues with our hot water tank so a shower would not have been an option so I decided to just call it a rest day.

I think I made the most of this unexpected rest day too. I picked up C from her camp and we went and got our nails done.

When we got home I did a little bit of laundry and made dinner. Tacos for C and J and I made this for myself.

I decided to just enjoy the night and not do any wedding work, or any more laundry and just sit. The three of us watched a show and then decided we would call it an early night. Much needed. I am hoping we will feel refreshed tomorrow as a result of the early night. This rest thing isn’t so bad really.

Do you try to do nothing when you have the chance?
I don’t do nothing often enough really.

Was Monday nice to you this week?
Monday was ok. It’s never really awesome but it could have been worse.