Feeling Good

This week was a short week.  We had the day off in the middle of the week for Canada Day so it really through everything off.  I woke up this morning and instantly felt sooo good that it was Friday, only to realize it’s totally not Friday.


Let me begin though with a recap of Wednesday.  I had a really busy day at work and stayed a little later to get caught up and then I headed over to CrossFit.  The last few days have been H-O-T outside.  Yesterday was no exception.  It was super sunny at work but as I headed towards the gym I noticed the skies were looking really gloomy in that direction.  I got inside and got changed and began my warm up and all of a sudden the skies opened up and it POURED.  It kind of put a damper (tee hee) on the wod.  The wod was supposed to include sprints so instead we got burpees.  gross!!!


25 min cap

move/lift 10 000lbs with four exercises

dumbbell box steps

strict press

OH lunges

Wall ball

Basically the way this worked was your goal was to move the 10 000 lbs using the four exercises.  You could do them in any order or amount of reps you wanted, the only catch was in order to switch from one exercise to the next you had to do 5 burpees to switch.  I used 20 lb dumbbells, so each dumbbell box step counted as 40 lbs, my strict press was 50 lbs, and I had a 10 lb weight for overhead lunges and 10 lbs for wall ball.  I realized quickly that the wall ball wasn’t worth it.  20 reps only got me 200lbs towards my 10 000 lb goal.  I made the most headway with the box steps and the strict press.  After the 25 minutes was up, my total weight was 6900 lbs.  Impressive.  But I kind of wish I had just finished it.  I was so done after this workout, I was sweating SO much and my arms were shaking.

I sent this pic to my bestie to express how I was feeling at the time
I sent this pic to my bestie to express how I was feeling at the time

When I got home I had the best shower of life and had dinner.  I have been doing really well with my eating this week and I am feeling so good.  It’s been a lot of planning and A LOT of prep but my meals are delicious and I am feeling amazing.

these meals tho
these meals tho

I have also been really on point with my water drinking and I think that has really helped me with my awesomeness feelings.

I am linking up to Katie and her Healthy Habits today.

I think I am really going to stick with this eating plan because it’s Day 4 and I have never felt better and I am not hungry.  There is still so much eating happening, it’s just much better choices.  And so. much. water.

One more cute thing to help make me feel fabulous is this cutie.

that face
that face

She greets me every morning at this door when I come down the stairs.  Some days it’s with a little good morning squeak.  It’s really a nice greeting.

I hope everyone reading is feeling fabulous today too, it may not be Friday (booo), but it’s Friday Jr!

Do you have a pet that greets you in the morning?


What workout did you do yesterday?





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