Pressing and Prepping

What a great weekend I am having! Friday I got home and despite trying to convince myself NOT to go for a run I went and had an awesome workout. I did a HIIT run for about 25 minutes and it felt amazing when I was done. I finished with a Tabata round of planks. I am getting really strong with my planks.

I finished that and then my hair dresser/ friend arrived and I got my roots coloured and I am feeling pretty once again. James got home and we went for a ride around the farm and to the neighbours to pick some of their raspberries. I used them to make a batch of post workout muffins.

We had a really nice night together. This morning I got up and made a yummy breakfast and ate it on the couch with my little friend.

I hit up CrossFit and today’s wod did not disappoint. The strength was to work towards a 1 rep max for front squats. I didn’t want to squat today so I did push press instead. I killed it! I did 105 lbs! I have been feeling so strong and so much energy the past week it feels incredible when I am doing my workouts.

18 min AMRAP
5 pull ups
10 push press (55lbs)
15 sit ups
Farmers carry

I spent the next couple hours running errands. I crossed two wedding to do’s off my list and got all my groceries for the week. After lunch I sat outside for a bit and just did this.

Now I am going to tackle some meal prep so I won’t have as much to do tomorrow.

Have a great Saturday friends!

Do you feel stronger when you are eating better?

Do you like to be productive on weekends or would you rather relax?


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