On a Roll

I am feeling really excited these days. There’s a lot of reasons but the main thing is I am just feeling really strong and healthy. I’m also enjoying seeing things come together for the wedding. All of the little details are so fun to plan.

I started my Sunday by sleeping in a little. I woke up feeling sore and stiff and convinced myself I would skip my workout and just have a rest day. I made myself a delicious breakfast of eggs and turkey bacon and fruit.

After breakfast I thought more about my skipped workout and realized it was silly to put it off on a day when I actually had more than enough time to do it.  I got myself ready and headed out and busted out an amazing HIIT run.  I felt so pumped when I came home that I added in some pull up work and ab work on the pull up bar.  I finished with a Tabata plank workout.

no excuses
no excuses

I spent the rest of the afternoon driving to my parent’s house and home to pick up C and bring her back.  It was nice to have her home and get back to our usual routine.  I made a delicious dinner for us and did a little bit of prep work for the week and my lunch.


Monday morning was back to the usual routine for C and I.  It was tough to get back into it, getting up a little earlier, having my breakfast instead of just a shake or a stop at Tim’s.  We managed to get it all done and we both had healthy breakfasts.  She was quite excited to try the new waffle maker.  James made a waffle last night and we toasted it this morning and she really enjoyed it.

After work today I headed to CrossFit with my usual crew.  We started with a strength wod of front squats, 7 sets of 3.  I worked with one of my friends and I got up to a 90 lb set and felt pretty strong.  I ended it there and when I went to record it in my binder I was surprised to see that was the current 3 rep max I had in there.  I told my friend and she was like, well now that means you have to try 95lbs.  I did and I got it!  It felt strong too! I love the support I get there, its such a family and we push each other to do well, and to do better.


1 min dumbbell thrusters

1 min box step ups

1 min push ups

1 min double unders

1 min plate push

1 min rest

We did this for four rounds.  I am happy to announce that during this wod I actually nailed about 6-7 double unders!  It just kind of clicked a little bit.  They were all singles but it was definitely progress.  I left feeling so pumped and got home and made dinner and prepped lunch for tomorrow.  We also went and visited the neighbors kittens and picked raspberries again.  I can’t beleive I keep forgetting my phone to capture pictures of these adorable kittens.

Of course the night ends with my weekly fix of the Bachelorette.  I swooned over Chris again… #farmersrule.  So much for my early night, but I just had to watch it.  It’s what I do on Mondays!!!

Are you still watching the Bachelor?


What was your favourite thing about today?

Mine was definitely feeling the sense of achievement and community at my gym tonight.




2 thoughts on “On a Roll

  1. Good for you on your gym accomplishments today! I didn’t love much about my day, but I did love my slow cooker dinner and the sunshine, so there’s that.

    I’m watching the bach right now, and Chris has really grown on me. I can’t see her being a home maker in Idaho though, its not her.

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