It’s a Fine Line and a Slippery Slope


I know my last few posts have been all “yay me” and “I feel great” and they have been sincere.  However, as in real life, I think I may have hit a bit of a bump in my road to awesomeness last night.  Let’s recap.  Tuesday was a rest day, no crossfit, but I did wake up and do a Tabata set of abs.  I decided not to do any workout because I needed a rest day.  I decided to use my time and get a much needed oil change.  I brought C with me and while the car was in we walked up the road to get her a treat.  We checked out a new coffee shop and “frittery” that just opened and she got a “mars bar fritter”.  Whaaaaat???  I had such will power of steel that day that I sat with her and watched her eat it while I sipped on my water.  And it was fine with me, I wasn’t really craving any of it.  We headed back and took a selfie while we waited.

me and my girl
me and my girl

Then came Wednesday and I had my yummy breakfast of choice this week and felt good.  I did another Tabata ab workout when I got up and I had a really productive day at work.  I even snuck some wedding accomplishments in as well.  I hit up CrossFit after work and it was a real doozy.


find a two rep max of any lift- I worked to 65 lbs on my strict press


6 rounds (ouch!!!)

3 min rounds

200 m run

1 power clean

3 push press

5 front squats

* we repeated the lift cycle twice but just ran once per round

Then for the remainder of the three minutes it was burpees for odd minutes and kettlebell swings for even minutes.

This wod kicked my ass big time.  I found this on Pinterest yesterday and had to send it to my coach because I just felt like it was so appropriate.


I got home and was on my own for the evening and that’s when I started feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  I have a weekend away planned and I want to do my best to stick to this meal plan.  I am trying to be prepared and pack as many meals and snacks as I can but once I started to try and organize myself it felt really overwhelming and impossible.  I did as much prep as I could and between my fridge and freezer I was able to prepare every morning and afternoon snack for the three days, as well as two lunches and two breakfasts.  Dinners will be a challenge but I have my dining out guidelines to follow.  I really want to succeed on this plan and not sabotage all my hard work this past two weeks.  I hope I can keep my will power in check.

my fridge right now... so many tupperwares
my fridge right now… so many tupperwares

I also made our dinner for tonight as well since I knew it would be a busy night.  I then froze a serving of it for my Monday’s lunch so I would be prepared for that since I likely won’t have prep and grocery time on Sunday.  For dinner last night I enjoyed this Quinoa dish.

so yummy!
so yummy!


I know I can pull this off this weekend.  My friends know I want to stick with it and will do their best to make it easier on me.  I need to just relax and not let it overwhelm me so much so that I can still enjoy my weekend.

We are going to drive to Montreal Friday, there are three of us from the gym, well one is one of my besties K and we are meeting up with a friend that used to go to our gym but she has moved to PEI.  Once again because of that friend I got suckered into agreeing to do the Tough Mudder.  Why do I do these things to myself???  Ugh.  I am not looking forward to it at all, but I am looking forward to spending the weekend with three awesome ladies.

So for me it’s Friday as I am off work tomorrow.  Let’s hope the day just flies by!


Do you like doing mud races like Tough Mudder or Warrior Dash?

I used to enjoy the warrior dash but I think I am kind of over it.  It’s a great bonding experience with friends, but hey, so is a patio getting day drunk.

Exciting weekend plans?





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