Prowlers and Prep

Thursday was like my Friday because I am a lucky girl to have today off! I had an unscheduled workout last night as a result of last minute cancelled plans. I headed to CrossFit and got to spend time with the Thursday crew. We started with strength and did heavy push press. We worked to a max and then did 3 more at the same weight. I did 85 lbs for my three.

WOD- teams of 3
One team member does the prowler across the parking lot
One does tire step ups
The other does squat clean dumbbell thrusters
The goal was to keep working until you have done 100 tire step ups and 100 dumbbell thrusters as a team.

We then did a group ab session to help me prep for the dress. It’s fun that we do that together as a team. What a great group of supporters.

I got home and had a little bit more meal prep to do for my road trip today. J is amazing and grilled up a whole bunch of asparagus for me.

He honestly makes the best asparagus.
Today we are all packed up and heading to Montreal for the weekend to do the Tough Mudder tomorrow. I was so diligent in my meal prep that I packed up this cooler with all my breakfasts, snacks and lunches.

Let’s just hope I have will power strong enough to stick with it.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


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