We Survived!!!

This weekend has been a lot of fun and a ton of laughs. It’s about a 6 hour drive from Hamilton to Montreal so we had lots of laughs in the car on the way down. We were so excited to get there and meet up with our friend B who was meeting us there from Prince Edward Island. It’s an 11 hour drive for her! When we got there she was already at the hotel so it was lots of hugs and laughs right away.

The awesome thing about these friendships is that I met these girls at CrossFit. It’s not just a gym, it’s a family and I have made some pretty awesome friendships out of my membership there.

Friday night we went for dinner and found a little restaurant that had a patio and we ate there. I don’t recall what it was called and the food was ok. Not amazing. I had chicken and asparagus. Then we went and got froyo and walked around a little. They were setting up for the Just for Laughs Festival that was going on.

We didn’t make it too crazy or late of a night since we had a big day ahead of us for Saturday.

Saturday morning we got up and went for breakfast. Then we got back and readied ourselves for the race. It was about an hour drive to the town hosting the race. As we were driving we kept seeing these huge hills and mountains ahead of us and the whole time I was thinking “oh god that’s where we are going”. Historically Tough Mudder is on hills! It is in Toronto where we did it last year. It’s part of what makes it so challenging. So we were quite surprised when we got there and found it was at an airport. Completely flat!

The race itself was still challenging for me. The obstacles take me right out of my comfort zone. I made attempts at most of them. There were a few I skipped altogether but the majority I did try. And I was successful in many that I didn’t think I could do. We had beautiful weather for it too, it was a really nice day. Much better than the year prior when it was snowing.

After the race we went back to the hotel and did a load of laundry of all our gross muddy clothes. We all had showers and everyone said it was the best shower of their lives. It really was. Then we headed out for a delicious dinner. Two of the girls went to check out the festival but me and K went back to the room. It had been a really long day.

The good news without the hills I had no knee pain or hip pain. The main injuries and lots of scrapes and scratches. But nothing too crazy.

Today we are on our trek home. We got off to a rocky start on the road but we are on our way. The weather is not very nice it’s very rainy. It makes us grateful to not be doing the Mudder today.

Im looking forward to being home and getting snuggles from J and C. Then it’s back to the real world tomorrow.

Have you ever done a tough mudder?

What was your favourite part of your weekend?


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