Back Squats and Sunburns

I really didn’t feel like I got too much sun at all on the weekend.  I was smart and used sunscreen but we did spend the whole afternoon outside so it’s not surprising that I got a little burn.  I didn’t really feel any burn until I put that bar on my back.  Ouch!

Today was a typical Monday.  I got up and made my breakfast, it was easy since I had prepped it last night.  I had a chicken sausage and a protein crepe and some fruit.  It was so delicious.  Work was good, it went by pretty quick because I was really busy.  My eating was on point as I stuck only to what I packed.  Even though the lunch room had a whole bunch of chocolate chips cookies in it.  I even walked in just after someone warmed one up and it smelled so good.

Headed to CrossFit straight from work and was happy to discover that today’s wod was all about lifting.  There was actually a choice between two, one that had a lot of running and cardio or one that was mostly lifting.  Since I covered 16km on Saturday I decided I would focus on lifting today.



20 min AMRAP

farmer’s carry

3 back squats

1 deadlift

The idea was to go heavy this one, and not worry too much about how many rounds we got in.  I used 85 lbs for my back squat and 165 lbs for my deadlift.  It felt good to lift tonight.  It was just what I needed.  Tonight’s planned meal was a real treat.  Since it was post workout (lifting) it had carbs and it had rice in it.  We had Chicken Fried Rice.  It was so yummy and we all had it so there was no making separate dinners which was really nice.

so yummy!
so yummy!

Then I got my snacks and lunch packed for tomorrow so I am organized for that as well.  I am excited because I have a delicious lunch packed.  It’s the same dinner I made for myself last night which was a Mexican Omelet.

this turned out so good
this turned out so good

I made another one last night for tomorrow’s lunch.  I have packed so many Tupperware’s with all the little components.  It’s going to be so good.  I have been trying to make everything in multiple servings to help me have stuff ready and accessible for meals as they are needed.

Now we are anxiously waiting for the home run derby to start.  C wanted to watch it with us but sadly the delays have brought it pretty close to bedtime so hopefully it will start soon so she can see some of it.

I hope everyone had a good Monday- it’s already one day over and into the week.  We are that much closer to the weekend friends!


Do you like watching the homerun derby?

I like seeing the hits one after the next.  it’s impressive.


What do you prefer?  Lifting or cardio?

I would pick lifting, but I do like wod’s that mix in both.  It’s nice to get a good sweat on too with some cardio.


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