Thrusters and Overthinking

Here we are at Thursday.  I am not sure if I should be saying already?  or finally!  It’s been one of those weeks.  I have been busy busy busy this week.  Work has been very busy and then my mind is working overtime thinking of all kinds of things I need to get done and the time just seems to go by so fast!

Wednesday night was CrossFit.  It was a small class, just three of us, and the other class was all in the parking lot as I was walking in.  Many of them were warning me to just run and not go in.  Great, it’s going to be one of those wods.  I braved it, took the chance and went in.  We started with a strength wod.  It was push press, 7 sets of 2’s.  I worked up to 85 lbs and left it at that.


15 minutes

200 m run

40 thrusters (15 lbs)

200 m run

30 thrusters (25 lbs)

200 m run

20 thrusters (35 lbs)

200 m run

10 thrusters (45 lbs)

For the remaining time do weighted overhead lunges and count reps.  I got to 54 reps.

This was killer with so many reps of thrusters.  I think I definitely started off way too light with my weights.  I was just worried about getting through that many reps with my hip but I did it.  I was feeling really good when I was done.

feeling jacked, so a selfie was necessary
feeling jacked, so a selfie was necessary

I went home after and did some Tabata planks and I have to say I am feeling much stronger with them now.  I used to be shaking at the end of the 20 second interval but now it’s not so bad at all.  I have been doing them really frequently.

side plank love
side plank love

I had leftover’s of my chicken fried rice from earlier this week for dinner and sat down to try and relax.  It didn’t work out.  We had some trouble with our water pump and then I ended up being up and running around for the rest of the evening.  Then I didn’t get done the planning stuff I had wanted to get done so I started thinking about all that has to be done in the next couple of months and I became so stressed out.  My mind was and is still racing.  It’s very overwhelming.

imagesDNO6PVBJI agree with that quote because it can take over your life when your mind won’t shut down.  I get anxiety and I think the only way to deal with it for me at this point will be to sit down and make a very thorough list of what needs to be done and just start crossing it all off. I know it will all get done, I just hate having things pending and unplanned.  I need to let that stress go.

Well the weekend is almost here and I can work on that list as long as I want.  Maybe even get some stuff crossed off.  Happy Friday Jr everyone!

Do you make lists when you have a lot to do?







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