Oh Just Killing it Over Here

This weekend has been pretty awesome.  Friday my parents were in town and we had a nice visit at a party across at the farm for one of J’s cousin’s.  It was a BBQ for her and her husband to be.  It was nice to get together with everyone.  I was a good girl and stayed pretty close to the meal plan.  It’s an exercise to follow when you are not at home, but I think I managed really well.  Saturday was our big work picnic and unfortunately Mother Nature wasn’t very cooperative and it was a pretty soggy day.  The even was still a success and it left me exhausted.  I did enjoy my cheat meal that day and had fish and chips!  It was delicious!

This morning I got up and had breakfast.  J and I went to do groceries and then I came home and had my morning snack.  I decided to head out and do a HIIT run.  I was feeling so good today when I was running I extended my intervals and actually finished 5 km.  The awesome thing is I finished it in under 27 minutes which is really fast for me outside of a race.  So I felt so good when I got home.

post run pre-weights
post run pre-weights

I was feeling so awesome, I decided to do some more.  I did a weight circuit with dumb bells.  I made this one up.



Then I did a Tabata round of sit ups alternating with weighted sit ups.  I made myself a post workout meal of a pumpkin protein shake and some ezekial toast with PB2 and jam.  It was pretty tasty.  The one thing I would do different next time is add some ice to make my shake a little colder.

healthier than Guinness
healthier than Guinness

The rest of the day was perfect.  It involved some planning for our Stag and Doe which was much needed, and then some meal prep and just the right amount of relaxation.  J did some grilling for us for our meals for the week, and tonight’s dinner was this chicken and roasted veggie salad.


It was so tasty.  I have another portion aside for lunch this week so I will get to enjoy it again.  We also made a delicious frittata for breakfasts that I can’t wait to try either.  That will have to wait until tomorrow morning. Now it’s time to just wind down and get ready for a good night’s sleep.  I am feeling so good today, I feel like I am on a high since that workout.  I hope I can keep this feeling rolling for the week.  It will be sure to be a good week if my momentum stays like it is this weekend.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.


Did you do any killer workouts this weekend?


Tell me one awesome thing about your weekend!




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