Changing Plans and Manicures

Monday. It can be a real jerk. That’s what my friend L said to me today and she is right about that. Today I was tired all day. I didn’t have the best sleep and snoozed my alarm A LOT this morning. I didn’t have to drive C as far this morning and we had made breakfast up last night so I knew I had some extra time.

Last night J and made this Meat Frittata and cut it up into portions for breakfast and lunches.

It was really yummy but I found it very filling and hard to finish for breakfast.

Work was busy and I was craving a workout. Our gym was closed today so I didn’t have my usual Monday CrossFit class. I decided I would do something on my own when I got home. However, we were having issues with our hot water tank so a shower would not have been an option so I decided to just call it a rest day.

I think I made the most of this unexpected rest day too. I picked up C from her camp and we went and got our nails done.

When we got home I did a little bit of laundry and made dinner. Tacos for C and J and I made this for myself.

I decided to just enjoy the night and not do any wedding work, or any more laundry and just sit. The three of us watched a show and then decided we would call it an early night. Much needed. I am hoping we will feel refreshed tomorrow as a result of the early night. This rest thing isn’t so bad really.

Do you try to do nothing when you have the chance?
I don’t do nothing often enough really.

Was Monday nice to you this week?
Monday was ok. It’s never really awesome but it could have been worse.


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