So. Much. Energy

Yesterday was a busy work day but I felt like I accomplished a lot.  I woke up late and was rushed in the morning so I opted for a shake for breakfast and made the pumpkin pie one again only this time added ice and it was delicious!  After work I had an unexpected night to myself.  J was working late, and C went to a friends house so I headed to CrossFit.  I don’t usually go on Tuesday’s so I didn’t know that on Tuesday’s the class is a Strongman Lifting Class.  We did some cool lifts.  We did an axle clean and jerk, it felt really strange but it was really neat to try something new.



30 clean and jerks

* the difference was we were to do clean and jerks in a different way than we usually would, with just a barbell.  I chose to do kettlebell clean and presses, with a kettlebell in both hands.  It felt super awkward but it was a great strength workout.  I felt like there wasn’t enough cardio for me though.


I headed home and once I got home it was really starting to cool down and feel like a nice night I decided to go for a run.  I started out just planning a short HIIT but it was feeling really good so I decided to keep going and I finished my 5km route.  I had so much energy I just wanted to keep going.  It was a good stress relief and my mind was enjoying the break from all the overthinking I have been doing.

feeling so good
feeling so good

It was a really nice night and I felt like I was really taking my surroundings in and enjoying them.  I noticed the beauty of where we live.  The was starting to set and the skies were so pretty.

I live in a beautiful place
I live in a beautiful place

After I got home I did some laundry and made myself a dinner of spicy quinoa and veggies.  I watched some of the Bachelorette Men Tell All but mostly just got myself organized and ready for the next day.

Today I have been having a real day from Hell.  I am looking forward to my after work CrossFit work out to get my head straight again.

Are you planning a workout tonight?


Do you ever just keep running to enjoy the beauty?



4 thoughts on “So. Much. Energy

  1. Never in my running phase did I ver run further than I had to. I wish I could have been a better runner who could just keep going, but it was so hard for me it was a struggle to get through all my scheduled training distances. I don’t know how I ran a marathin. Now when a WOD has 400 m runs in it it practically kills me! I’d much rather lift sh!t than run!

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