More Thrusters and Burpees Too

Where do I start with yesterday?  OMG it started out rough.  I was so frustrated in the morning that I was almost in tears.   It was really bringing me down.  A co-worker brought me in this and it totally brought a smile to my face.

it's so me!
it’s so me!

I have it on display on my desk.  I am not drinking pop right now so it will remain tightly sealed, but you really never know when a DC emergency will strike so it’s good to be prepared.  However, J if you are reading this, then yes I will bring it home and we can dump it out.  (I love you).

The rest of my work day was pretty much as good as it started and as soon as 4pm hit I was out.

this might be my first GIF guys!
this might be my first GIF guys!

I picked up C and took her to her Grandma’s and then I went to CrossFit.  Wow, was I ever not prepared for what I was walking into.  Firstly, I got there and spent a lot of time sitting in my car playing on my phone before going in.  I was early, for one, but also I was feeling so so tired.  Another member pulled up in the car beside me and got out and was kind of looking at me, so I took a deep breath and got out of the car.  I got in and changed and saw the people from the 4:15 class laying on the floor recovering from the wod.  Ouch- I knew this would be a doozy.


5 x 2 push press

5 x 1 thrusters

I worked up to 2 95 lb push presses.  I was pretty excited about that weight as a double.  My thruster I got up to 85.  I attempted 90 but stopped it because it felt H-E-A-V-Y.


10-1 thrusters

1-10 burpee pull ups

* btwn each round do 20 mountain climbers

Example- 10 thrusters, 1 burpee pull up, 20 mountain climbers, then it’s 9 thrusters, 2 burpee pull ups, 20 mountain climbers and so on.

This was tough.  I used 55 lbs on my barbell.  I also alternated and did push press for every other round since my hip was feeling fatigued.  It was definitely a knock you on your ass when you are done wod.  As we were recovering our coach announced to just “finish up” with 100 sit ups.  Oh good, only 100.  LOL

I had to document my post workout with a selfie. #obvi
I had to document my post workout with a selfie. #obvi

When I got home J was just getting home and we went in and we made protein waffles as our dinner.  I was really craving the maple syrup.  I was starving so sadly did not document the waffle’s amazingness with a photo.  Trust me.  It was delicious.  After I picked C up and all lunches were organized, we had a family game of Mario Cart.


I decided again not to do any type of planning or wedding work last night and even skipped the laundry I had planned and instead we just had some family time.  It’s rare we have a weeknight all together between all of our extracurricular stuff we each do.

I hope you are all having a great week and are looking forward to the weekend!  Not too much longer now!


When was the last knock you on your butt workout you did?


Mario cart?  Love it or no thanks?

It’s a popular one in our house because we can all play it together.






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