Death By Burpees Voluntarily???

Thursday has become one of my regular CrossFit nights during the Summer months.  I had a plan to get C and take her for dinner and then she would come with me and hang out while I did my workout.  Well those plans quickly changed when I got to camp and she was feeling under the weather.  She was definitely not going to be in the mood to sit through a class.  I got her a sub as she requested and we headed home instead and she got some comfies on and settled on the couch.  Once she got some Advil she seemed better but still no CrossFit.  So I texted my coach with my dilemma and he said I could do the same workout they were doing.  Perfect I thought!  Then he told me what it was!  He said they were doing Death by Burpees and a 12 minute AMRAP!  oh god… death by burpees.  It’s hard to do on the best of days in the gym- but doing it on my own at home?  That was going to be a challenge.  I figured no excuses though, if I would have done it in the class then there was no reason not to do it at home.  So I got my gym set up for the wod’s and got ready to go.  I even made a new playlist.

my at home gym
my at home gym

See the bowl behind the Ipad?  That was a life hack I learned from my bestie L.  When you put your phone in it, it makes speakers!  Mind. Blown. It worked like a charm. I used a timer app on my Ipad to count my rounds for the AMRAP.  The driveway was where I did my sprint.  Let’s start with Death By Burpees.  Basically,  you start with one minute for one burpee.  Then minute 2 you do 2 burpees and so on.  The idea is to keep going till you fail and don’t get all your burpees in during the minute.  My coach told me to do it for 12 minutes.  So I did.  And I was pretty wiped by the end of it let me tell you that.

Then I did an AMRAP.  It was 12 minutes of 15 goblet squats, a driveway sprint, and 20 sit ups.  It wasn’t a tough one, but (a) I have a long driveway, and (b) I had just done all those burpees and (c) it was hot out!  I was a real sweaty betty when I was done that workout.

proof it happened.
proof it happened.

When I was done I went in and made myself some dinner and got A LOT of laundry done.  C was quite happy playing with her barbies so I got caught up on the Bachelorette finally and Teen Mom.  I got a chocolate craving like nobody’s business last night and finally caved but I made something off my meal plan so I wouldn’t feel guilty recording it.  I made this chocolate coconut pudding and it was incredible.

it may not look pretty but it tasted heavenly
it may not look pretty but it tasted heavenly

My final thought to leave you with is my newest musical obsession.  I literally can’t get enough of this song.  I dare you to listen and not want to at the very least tap your foot along with the beat if you don’t break out into dance.  It’s totally my favourite happy song right now.

you need to listen.  you're welcome.
you need to listen. you’re welcome.


Happy Friday friends!  Enjoy your weekend!


Did you listen to the song?  Did you love it??


Where do you do your at home workouts?








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