Swimming, Squatting and a Storm

The weekend was off to a great start on Friday.

I was super excited to leave work after what felt like a really long week. I picked up C from camp and we came home and got ourselves ready for a family dinner out. We went to our favourite pub and it was my night to have my cheat meal. I got a steak and sweet potato fries which I had been craving forever. It did not disappoint. Then we got two desserts and I had a couple bites of each. I was so full when we were done.

It was really nice for the three of us to spend that time together and we had a blast. We hadn’t had much family time during the week. I was so excited about my delicious meal I didn’t take any pics. In fact this weekend I really failed with the photos.

Saturday morning I went to CrossFit and was not so delighted to discover that the workout we were doing was Renegade Squats. I knew I was in for some sore legs.

4 rounds
1 min back squats
1 min push ups
1 min front squats
1 min sit ups
1 min air squats
1 min rest

We did it in partners and we used 55 lbs. My legs were totally shaking by the end of it. After the workout I came home and had a waffle. I did take a photo of that.

That afternoon C and I went to a friends house to swim in her pool. It’s a friend we haven’t seen in awhile and it was so nice for us to catch up. Then the evening was just spent relaxing. We did take a selfie to document our couch time.

Today I slept in until almost 10:00! I couldn’t believe it. C was just watching a movie and let me sleep. I got up and made us breakfast. I had a delicious Mexican omelet.

Then C and I did our grocery shopping. And then she went to spend the afternoon with her Grandma. J and I had an appointment at the venue we are getting married at so we talked all kinds of details there and it made me even more excited about how beautiful our day is going to be.

For dinner tonight J grilled steak and zucchini and it was amazing. I finished the night with meal prep for lunches for us all. We got hit with a major thunderstorm right when C went to bed so it was kind of loud. I stayed up with her and put new sheets on our bed which will worry much guarantee an awesome sleep now.

Back to work tomorrow. I wish it was a long weekend.

Do you love the feeling of fresh sheets on the bed?
It’s one of my favourite things.

Did you get a workout in this weekend?


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