Just Another Day

I wish this post was about how exciting it is that the week is almost over but this just feels like the week that just won’t quit. I don’t have much to really say in this post because the day was basically just working. I had a busy day and headed to my usual 4:15 CrossFit class. It was a busy class and the wod was supposed to include running but Mother Nature didn’t get the memo and rained so we did a different wod.

Strength was a clean into a strict press. I got to 75 lbs.

10 thrusters
1 manmaker

Then each round decreased by one thruster until it was down to one.

Immediately in the first round I knew I couldn’t do the thrusters. My knees have been sore the last couple of days. I felt achy and old today and I think the running is catching up with me and causing me some knee pain. I have a chiro appointment tomorrow and hope to get that sorted out.

Dinner was nice. I went to a friends house and she made me a yummy quinoa chicken stir fry. Then it was home for meal prep and some laundry and it’s early to bed for me.

Sorry I don’t have any exciting pictures or anything in this post. Just a recap of a regular day. I hope your week is going faster than mine!


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