Long Weekend Loving

This is one of my favourite weekends of the year.  Labour Day long weekend.  It’s sad because it sort of marks the end of Summer, which this Summer sucks even more because we haven’t had much of one anyway.  But it also marks the beginning of more routine in my life which generally looks pretty good on me.  The one thing that goes along with routine that I don’t really love is all the extra curricular activities C is in will start back up.  The break has been pretty wonderful really.  She does really enjoy them though, so that’s why we do it.

Friday I was supposed to do my weights workout after my early morning cardio session.  However, I didn’t feel super motivated when I got home.  I left work a little early and decided it would be a good opportunity to get my groceries done and out of the way.  So that’s what I did.  I figured I had plenty of time over the long weekend to get those workouts in.  J made the most delicious dinner.  We had steak and also grilled up some zucchini and red peppers and served it up alongside some sweet corn.

I can't even with this.
I can’t even with this.

Saturday morning I got up and made myself a shake and a light snack.  I wanted to save my breakfast for post workout.  I was missing my usual Saturday morning CrossFit session, with the gym being closed for the weekend.  I decided to set up my own gym outside.


I did a complete arm and shoulders workout that my coach sent me and it was really good.  I loved that it was working specific muscle groups.  Usually my weights are an all over workout, or with CrossFit we don’t know what we are doing, so I don’t think I do enough to target those specific groups.  I definitely will keep these home workouts up to target those muscle groups.  Then I finished it off with three rounds of cardio that lasted about 20 minutes.  The whole workout was almost an hour.  I did it all outside and felt really awesome when I was done.  I made myself a delicious post workout meal of protein pancakes and turkey bacon that really hit the spot.

got my sweat on
got my sweat on

C went to her Grandma’s for the day and for the night and J and I used the time to run some wedding errands.  We are working on finalizing and getting the invitations printed.  I was on a mission to find envelopes and sadly wasn’t able to find the ones I had in mind.  I also have a craft project I will be doing for the wedding too so we had a trip to Michael’s to look for that stuff.  J wasn’t a big fan of Michael’s but he was a good sport.  We were a little rushed because he had to get home for chores so I brought him home and ended up going back out to a few more places.  Then I got home and did some online research for envelopes but no luck.  I guess it’s boring white envelopes.  We are going to try and get them creative in another way.

After J got home we got dolled up – I wore a cute dress but there’s no proof of it, and we went out to celebrate our anniversary with dinner.

date night.
date night.

We went to a newer place we had heard a lot of good things about called the Aberdeen Tavern.  Oh. My. God.  It was really good.  I had been excited about date night for a couple reasons.  One was because I hadn’t had a lot of time with J over the past week, and the next couple weeks will be even worse.  Second, it was my cheat meal.  I was ready to E-A-T.  We got appetizers and got a short rib poutine and meatballs that our waiter recommended.  The poutine was incredible.  I could have been done there, I was so full off of that.  My entre was a filet mignon with scalloped potato’s and creamed spinach.  I didn’t love the spinach but J did and I loved his cabbage so we traded.  The filet was really good.  Then we finished with a trio of Crème Brule’s.  This dessert was so good.  There was one that was mixed berry, a classic vanilla and our favourite was the peach.  We were both so full.

scenes from our meal
scenes from our meal

It was a really nice night together.  A perfect celebration.

I slept in this morning and got up and made breakfast.  I had an egg and turkey bacon and a piece of Ezekial toast.  It was really good.  Then I got sorted and went for a run.  I decided to do my weights workout tomorrow and run because it had been awhile since I ran.  It was hot out so I thought I would do 3km but once I got going and found my groove I decided to keep going and just do the 5 km.  It felt great and I did my HIIT sprints and finished in just under 30 minutes.  I was so hot and sweaty when I got done.

glow sounds nicer than sweat
glow sounds nicer than sweat

This afternoon we had to go back to Michaels and exchange something and while we were out we went out for lunch.  We went to Kelsey’s and I tried the Korean chicken lettuce wraps.  I really enjoyed them.  Then we just chilled and I even snuck a little nap on the couch for a bit.  It was perfect.  It’s now time for meal prep and family hang out time.  I am really relaxed knowing we have another full day of the weekend ahead of us tomorrow.  It will be more relaxing and some back to school prep.

How are you spending your long weekend?


Do you like routine as much as I do?

I may like it just a little bit TOO much.




A Few Days of Workouts


Wednesday was another CrossFit class as my scheduled workout.  I went to the 5:15 and it was a really fun group.  There were also several new people there for their second class.  My coach used me as the demo for the lifts and it actually felt really nice, thinking I actually do know what I am doing.  One of my bestie’s was there too and we were partners for the wod which was fun.


5 x 3 push press with a pause in the dip

I worked up to 80 lbs,  We didn’t use a rack so we also had to clean this weight.


WOD- with partners

100 front squats

75 push press

50 burpees

Partner one worked on the above, while partner two did a parking lot sprint and a 30 s wall hold.  Then when they were done they took over the lifts and the other partner switched off to the running and the wall holds.  There was a 17 min cap on this wod, and we had 6 burpees left to finish so I finished them off so we could at least say we finished it.

When I got home I began to get my dinner ready and I was having trouble coming up with a meal that would work with my macros for the day.  I guess I over did it with the carbs earlier in the day and didn’t have much left to work with for dinner.  I ended up with the most random dinner.  I had a one scoop protein shake,  and then one turkey sausage and some cucumber that I tossed in balsamic vinegar and Mrs. Dash.  I threw a little hot sauce on the sausage.  It actually was a delicious dinner despite the fact it was so poorly planned and random.  I took the time Wednesday night to better plan out all of Thursday’s meals so they fit in my macro’s and they will all be enjoyable.

Thursday I went to CrossFit again because Saturday it is closed for cleaning, so I wanted to get my third CrossFit workout in.  I have decided to just do it three times a week and do workouts on my own for the other training days.  It was a really fun group and there were a lot of us there.


My favourite- deadlifts!

5 x 3 sets- I worked up to 155 lbs.


4 rounds

1 min KB swings (I used 12 kgs)

30 s plank

1 min box jumps

30 s side plank

1 min OH lunges

30 s side plank

1 min sit ups

30 s V Sit

This wod was wayyyyy harder than it sounds.  I was killed after two rounds.  But of course, pushed through and got it done and left feeling pretty amazing.

progress?  maybe a little
progress? maybe a little

I went home and had my dinner and then worked on prepping for today’s meals.  This macro stuff sure can be confusing, but it is getting a little easier.  Today I woke up feeling a bit lighter than I have all week.  I have felt super bloated but felt a little better today.  I think I have finally worked off all that beer from the wedding last weekend.  I got up a little early (not early enough!) to do a round of cardio that was scheduled for today’s workout.  I wanted to do the cardio before work and the weight training after work.  I started with some skipping and something very sad happened.

my favourite rope broke!
my favourite rope broke!

It was sad for me because that is the rope I use all the time!  It’s the perfect length!  My coach gave it to me.  I will have to find out where to get another one.  I have tried every rope in the gym and no other worked for me other than this one.  Another thing about today’s workout is I did it outside and it was not very warm when I started off.  It definitely felt chilly.

started in long sleeves!
started in long sleeves!

I did the workout outside because with all that jumping it would be loud and annoying in the house.  Plus I would rather be outside.  I worked out in our back yard area and this was my view.

not too shabby
not too shabby

I did only two rounds of my scheduled three because I was feeling nervous about the time.  I should have gotten up earlier and made more time for myself.  As it was I was rushed getting myself and C ready, and ended up with a random breakfast of turkey bacon, strawberries and a shake.  Not my usual bacon and eggs but it worked.  I plan to do the weight training part of my workout after work tonight.  Today is going to be arm day for me.

Happy Friday!  I hope it goes by quickly for everyone!


What’s your workout today?


Tell me something exciting about your weekend?

J and I are going out to celebrate our anniversary tomorrow.  ❤




Here’s to Four Years

Today marks a very special day for me.  It’s my four year anniversary with J.  I don’t really know how we settled on August 27th as our anniversary.  We started dating in July at some point, and had been talking long before that.  But I think August 27th is somehow when we made it official.

Where do I begin with my feelings for J.  He is everything I could ever want in a partner.  He has my back always.  He makes me laugh SO much.  He is so caring and I never have to question his love for me.  He is wonderful with my little girl, and we have formed a beautiful family.

this sums it up
this sums it up

After my divorce I was pretty skeptical that I would ever meet someone I would marry.  I was sure I wouldn’t get married again and was totally ok with it.  Then I met J.  Let me tell you that I did not make it easy on him.  I was NOT going to go out with him.  We started chatting and I refused many invitations, but there was something about him that I just couldn’t stop chatting with him.  He was fun to talk to and he made me laugh.


J is a very hard worker.  He works long, weird hours at the farm.  He never says no when people ask him for help with things.  I feel safe with him and so comfortable.  I am a worrier and he helps me take it down a worry notch and relax.  I can totally be myself around him.


This anniversary is exciting because after this one, we start over.  We will start counting our wedding anniversary.  In less than three months I will marry the love of my life.  I can say this with great confidence that J is 100% the love of my life, the love I was meant to find, and the love I could not imagine life without.

IMG_6309It’s so funny how life’s paths lead us in different directions.  If I never had my first marriage, I never would have ended up where I am today.  I don’t have regrets, in fact I am thankful for those experiences because they have taught me what true love is and led me to the man of my dreams.


Happy Anniversary my love.  Here’s to many, many more.  I love you, and can’t wait to marry you.



How long have you been with your significant other?


Do you celebrate your anniversary of dating?

We don’t usually do anything major for it, maybe a nice dinner or something.

Starting off Swinging

This morning I decided I was going to get back into my early morning workouts.  I set my alarm and made myself get up a little earlier to get a quick workout in before work.  I have a longer workout scheduled but decided to just do something little before work and then do my regular workout after work.  So today will be a double day for me.  Here’s what I did:


It was a good wake up workout for sure.  I followed it up with a good breakfast and a nice shower and got myself all ready for work.  It’s supposed to be a really hot day today so I wanted to wear something cool.  C and I decided it would be a perfect day for sundresses.  I have one that is new that I haven’t had a chance to wear so I busted that out.


I love when days start off with a workout and a great outfit.  It just makes the day that much better and it starts off right.  I carefully packed all my snacks last night and entered them in MFP right after I packed them.  I had a different breakfast than my usual today and tried GF Rice Krispies with almond milk and protein powder instead of regular milk (I used chocolate) and some raspberries.  I had been craving cereal so bad so was happy to find a way to make it work into my plan and I really enjoyed it.  The only thing was I didn’t find it as filling as my usual breakie of turkey bacon and an egg.

Lunch was mixed greens with chicken, roasted veggies and turkey bacon. I had prepped it all last night with my chicken fried rice recipe and then just threw it on the greens for lunch.  No dressing needed either.


After I left work I started feeling SO tired.  I was on my way to pick C up and I started feeling so droopy eyed when I was driving.  All I could think about was laying down on the couch as soon as I got home.  I knew I had a workout planned that I really didn’t want to skip.  My coach sent me some workouts that target specific areas and today I had my first one planned.  I got home and got changed and set up in the kitchen to do the workout.  OMG it was killer!  The whole thing will take about an hour total, with the warm up, the weights and the cardio.  I was supposed to do three rounds of the cardio post weights but honestly after just one I was DONE.

my coach might be trying to kill me
my coach might be trying to kill me

Then it was time to make dinner.  I had scheduled in Brinner for us.  After looking at my macro’s it looked like I had lots of carbs left.  I made a batch of berry protein pancakes and worked my macros to see if I could add some bacon because I was craving it.  I was able to add in three pieces of turkey bacon and some more strawberries on top.

AMAZING.  I can't even begin to describe how much i enjoyed this dinner.
AMAZING. I can’t even begin to describe how much i enjoyed this dinner.

I LOVED this dinner.  so, so much.  I checked my macros again and I still had some room to add some fat and some carbs.  So I played around and calculated that I could have a rice cake with one tablespoon of peanut butter on it.  It was a nice dessert treat.  I think I may be getting the hang of the IIFYM.  I still need to play around with it some more to really get it but it’s going better than I thought.  When I first started it I was super intimidated by it, so we will see how it goes.  It’s kind of exciting for me!

I also got another wedding delivery today which was super fun.  We got our cake topper in the mail today!  I have ordered a whole bunch of wedding things from Etsy and they are starting to trickle in which is really exciting to come home to.  The cake topper is perfect.  I love how it turned out!

That’s all I have for today’s excitement, it’s time to get comfy and watch some trash tv for the rest of the evening.  Night friends!


Do you shop on Etsy?

It’s amazing for unique wedding ideas.  I have ordered a whole bunch of things from there and they have all been awesome when I got them.


Did you get a workout in today?  Was it morning or after work for you?

Today was a two a day for me!

8 Rounds and Getting Back on Track

Monday evening means CrossFit at 415 with my usual crew. I got there in good time and got a better stretch in than I usually do. Normally it’s a lot more rushed. We did our warmup as a group and then went on to the strength workout.

7 x 3 paused back squats
I worked to 105 lbs and called it quits at that weight.

8 rds of 1:30
200 m run
Rest of minute for odd minutes is dumbbell thrusters and for even minutes it was box step ups.

I used 15 lb dumbbells for this one.

We then finished with 100 sit ups.

It was a doozy with all that running. 8 rounds felt like a ton!!


I got home and made dinner for us and made extra chicken and veggies for my lunch for tomorrow.  Tonight we had chicken fried rice and I have a salad for tomorrow using the same chicken and the veggies.  I am trying to be really strict and stick with my meal plan this week because I have been feeling a little bit like I have been straying too much and I haven’t been sticking with the program.  My coach was thinking that I might do well with the whole IIFYM style of eating.  IIFYM or “If it Fits Your Macros”.  It’s challenging for me because it’s kind of sciency and mathy and neither were strong subjects for me.  I think it’s possible for me to succeed on it, but it’s not easy.  I have been reading and researching recipes.  I started using My Fitness Pal as logging my food again, and I entered the numbers my coach sent me to track it in there.  Today was my first attempt at it and I think I did pretty well.


Let’s see how the rest of the week goes with it.  I still plan on using my coach’s recipes but also at the same time tracking my macros and seeing how they fall in line.  Wish me luck friends, because I am adding and calculating and that doesn’t always end well.  Either way I am going to be focusing on sticking to the plan this week.  I am getting back on track.  The wedding is less than three months away and I have goals to achieve!  I was strong today and I am proud of myself.  One of my co-workers came around with a tray of peanut butter stuffed chocolate cookies and I declined.  They were warm even!!!  ARGHHHHHHHH.  I stayed strong and exercised my will power and said “no thanks”.

Day one- success!  Let’s see how the rest of the week goes.


Have you tried IIFYM?

I could use some pointers if you have!


How do you keep your eating in check?

For me the easiest way is to prep.



Wedding Weekend Recap

This weekend was a lot of fun.  I love weddings.  I find them even more exciting right now that we are planning our own.  It makes me even more excited for ours!  Not too long now!  Less than three months away!  The wedding this weekend was for J’s cousin and it was at her family farm.  They are also dairy farmers.  She planned the wedding in 6 months and it was a ton of work they did get everything ready for the day.  Mother Nature was a bit of a jerk and it was a misty rain for most of the day.  The wedding wasn’t until 4 and while it didn’t get super sunny or warm, at least the mist stopped.  It was so beautiful and all the details were so perfect for the country wedding.

C and I got all ready together.  I think we cleaned up pretty nice.

C and I got all dolled up.
C and I got all dolled up.


The bride wore her grandmother’s dress and I absolutely loved it.  It was so pretty and so perfect for this wedding.  It was a more casual wedding and the dress was so cute.


The barn was decorated soooo nice.  It had white lights everywhere and tons of personal touches.  The amazing thing was that 3 months ago it was like a big shed of STUFF.  We went for the rehearsal dinner the night before and I took some pictures of the details.

so pretty!
so pretty!

We stayed out super late and by the time we got home the three of us were ready to crash.  Sunday we all slept in until 10:30!  It was awesome!  We had a good day, did groceries and some meal prep and the three of us carried out our Ice Bucket Challenges.  It was actually really refreshing and we had some good laughs.  C caught this moment of me doing mine.

pre water dump
pre water dump


C’s Aunt and cousin are visiting so she spent the evening with them.  I spent a couple hours with her Aunt catching up on life and then I headed home and made J and I some dinner.  We had fish tacos on corn tortilla’s.  They don’t look super appealing but they tasted really good.


I made myself enough to have some for lunch today as well.  Meal prep is back in full swing and I intend on buckling down a little more than the last week.  I was feeling really snacky last week and I need to buckle down a bit and get tighter with my meal plan.  I am also excited because my coach sent me some workouts and I will be starting those this week as well.

I got to sleep in a bit before work today which was nice and I am ready to face this week head on.



What did you do this weekend?


Weddings- do you love them??

I do.  I always love being invited to weddings, it’s always such a fun night.   I love seeing all the personal touches people do with them.



Love is in the Air and it Better Stop Raining

This weekend is full of love because we are attending a wedding for J’s cousin (and a good friend of mine). We had the rehearsal dinner last night.

I got home from work and wanted to do a mini workout so I did a quick workout with some negative pull ups, dumbbell laying presses, and some other dumbbell stuff. Just a couple sets because we had to get ready to go.

The rehearsal was at the farm where the wedding will be today and it was all set up and looking so awesome. I spent some quality time with my niece on the dance floor.

This morning I slept in a little bit and then had a yummy healthy breakfast before heading to CrossFit.

Today’s wod:

4 rounds
1 min prowler push
1 min plank
1 min squat clean thrusters (15 lb dumbbells)
1 min shuttle runs
1 min sledgehammer hits
1 min rest

It was a good one and I felt awesome after I was done. C and I then went to get pedicures. We both got our hair done too for the wedding. Braids was the theme of the day.


Now it’s time to go get ready for the wedding. Can everyone cross fingers that the sun comes out?

Did you get your workout in this morning?
Saturday morning workouts are my fave.