Sore Knees and Summer Colds


Yesterday was all kinds of sucky.  It was a long, stressful day.  I was tired and struggled to get going in the morning which meant I was running late.  It was an extra large kind of day.

waking up so slowly
waking up so slowly

I try not to order the extra large tea because it’s ridiculous.  It’s huge.  But it was one of those mornings where I just knew I was going to need it.

Lunch time I snuck out and headed to chiro.  I hadn’t been in weeks and I have been experiencing some new knee pain.  I attribute it to the sprints I have been doing.  It’s a different style of running for me and my feet hit much harder on the pavement.  I was right, it’s called “jumper’s knee” and is the beginning of a tendonitis.  The best way to fix it is to keep my quads stretched, iced and relaxed.  They were super tight when she worked on them.

I got through the day somehow and went to pick up C.  Only to then receive an email asking me for something I was supposed to do that totally slipped my mind so back to work I went and grabbed my computer to finish it at home.  C went to her grandma’s for the evening and she was really sniffly once I picked her up.  She has been fighting a summer cold all week.  Summer colds are the worst.

I finished what I had to do and was able to hit up the gym still in time for the 6:15 class.  I got there and was informed that the wod we were doing was a 1/2 Murph.  ugh.  really?  The good news was it was with a partner.

1/2 Murph

800 m run

50 pull ups

100 push ups

150 squats

800 m run

You both did the run and then you could divide the other movements.  It actually went fast and we finished in 19:54.  Not too bad at all.  When we finished we did some ab stuff and with our partners played catch while doing sit ups with a medicine ball.  I actually enjoyed it and it was just what I needed after the day I had.  When I got home I was craving something comforting.  I consulted my meal plan and found just the thing for how I was feeling.


That’s an egg white omelet with some veggies and a PB&J sandwich.  I enjoyed every bite of that sandwich.  It was just what I needed last night.  I felt great after the work out and dinner and was able to relax the rest of the night.  J got home from baseball and we watched a Teen Mom 2 which always helps us feel good about ourselves and how our lives have turned out.

Now it’s Friday and the weekend begins in just a few short hours.


Have you got any plans for the weekend?

I have lots to get done and also a lot of fun visits in there too!

Is it a long weekend in your neck of the woods?

We have Monday off!  woo hoo!!!






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