Grace and Pizza Night

This week is INSANE. I’m hanging in folks but losing my sanity just a little. Tuesday started off with a little ab workout and then it was a whirlwind work day. I had a hair appt after work and it was a nice treat.

Speaking of treat- my new Starbucks treat for myself is totally guilt free. That’s a Passion Tea made with no lemonade or sweetener and it’s very refreshing!

The finished product:

I ran some errands on the way home and I was later getting home than planned. I needed to eat quickly. Fortunately I have the best fiancé in the world and he had made up steak for me the night prior and I was able to have this delicious dinner.

I was lucky to have another serving of it for my lunch today too! I started this morning with another ab workout. I had every intention of getting up early today for a run but I didn’t end up going. I was so tired. I think it’s just the stress of Fridays big event that’s making me tired. I got through work and then went straight to CrossFit for the 5:15 class. It was only three of us there for that time.

3 x 19 strict press
3 x 5 strict press

I used 35 lbs then 45 lbs for these reps.

800 m run
400 m run

For anyone unfamiliar with “Grace” that is 30 clean and jerks. I used 55 lbs.
This wod was awesome. I loved that we had the running to go along with the Grace wod. I felt like I killed it too. I honestly think I could have done 65 lbs for this one. My running felt fast too.

I had a couple more errands to run and then I made it home. One of our groomsmen was over so we spent some time talking about Friday night and doing some more planning. Then I made dinner. Once again I was really late eating. I was quite excited about dinner. I told my coach I was craving pizza and she gave me a recipe and it was AH-MAZING. I enjoyed every last bite.

And even better is that it fit within my plan!

Meals for tomorrow are prepped and I am ready to call it a night. I have one more work day and then my weekend begins.

What’s your ideal workout consist of?
I love the ones that combine heavy lifting with some cardio or running. Tonight’s was ideal for me!

What have you been craving lately?
My pizza craving has been satisfied!


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