Sometimes Nothing Helps

Today sucked. I was tired and I think all my craziness from the weekend caught up on me. I couldn’t sleep last night and I really felt like I just dozed off and on for the whole night. I woke up at a good time and did my morning ab workout and got myself ready for the day. It wasn’t a bad morning really.

As the day went on I got more and more tired though and found people were annoying me more and more. I had very little patience and I think it’s just being tired.

My lunch was delicious. It was leftovers of this awesome dinner.

The only difference was the corn. No corn on the cob in my lunch.

I started to crash after lunch though and just got more tired and less patient. I figured a workout was just what the doctor ordered. I laughed so hard when I saw this I had to share it.

It’s true. I hate being asked that question!!

Today’s wod started with a strength wod of finding our 3 rep max of back squats. I worked up to 105 lbs. It felt ok but my legs felt pretty tired still.

EMOTM – 14 min
Odd min- 5 front squats 1 push press and finish the min with burpees
Even min – sprint, 1 Turkish get up each side, finish with reverse lunges.

This wod sucked for me. I was hurting tonight. I did all push press instead of squats. I attempted Turkish get ups but it hurt my hip so I just did jack knives instead. It was modified but it was still a great workout. I just didn’t feel very good today doing it.

I came home and made myself dinner and had chicken with asparagus and spaghetti squash.

This was probably the best spaghetti squash I have ever had. It was just tossed in some olive oil and pink sea salt and lemon juice. I topped it with a sprinkle of Clubhouse Parmesan and Herb seasoning and it tasted like heaven. That will definitely be something I will make again.

I got lunch prepped and got myself tucked on the couch to relax for the rest of the night. I’m thinking I should call it a night soon.

On the brightest note of all Monday is almost over. Thank goodness.

Turkish get ups? Love them or hate them?
I actually like them but just with these sore legs and all those squats it was bothering my hip.

How do you prepare your spaghetti squash?
The above is my new favourite.


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