Current Obsessions

I decided it’s been awhile since I have put together a post about what I am currently obsessing over.  I am totally one of those people that finds something I like and then just go with it as a favourite for months until something new comes along.  I do it a lot with both music and food.

Speaking of music, let’s start there.  I am currently LOVING the song Mess is Mine by Vance Joy.  It’s such a good song and have you seen the video?  You can check the video out here.  I can’t stop listening to this one.  I pre-ordered the entire album since I loved the few songs I heard so much.  I highly recommend you check it out.

Another song that I love for running is Stolen Dance by Milky Chance.  Again, check this out.  It has such a good beat to it.  It’s a real toe tapper, and I love it for a nice pace for my running.

check this song out.  trust me.
check this song out. trust me.

Food.  Where do I even start.  I mentioned my new favourite way to eat spaghetti squash in last night’s post.   That’s going to happen again soon.  I am also loving sweet corn because it’s farm fresh from my fiancé’s family farm and it’s amazing.  I don’t even butter it because it’s so sweet.  I am loving a sprinkle of Clubhouse Parmesan Herb seasoning on it.

If you haven’t tried this seasoning you should. And you’re welcome when you do.  It’s so tasty.  I also really like their roasted red pepper and garlic seasoning too.  I use that on chicken quite a bit.

I am loving this healthy pizza too.

I can't even.
I can’t even.


Last week I had it A LOT.  Once it got introduced to my meal plan and I realized how healthy it was and how unhealthy it tastes I haven’t looked back.  It is absolutely guilt free and it’s so tasty.  I tried it the other day subbing some salsa in for pizza sauce and it took it to a different awesome level that way too.  MMMMMMMM.  Now I totally want one.  Good thing it’s on my plan for tomorrow night’s dinner.

Finally I am currently loving PB2. I am so glad it got introduced to my life through my current coach and meal plan.


Basically it is powdered peanuts that you mix with water and it makes a peanut butter. The best part is that it’s 85% less fat and calories than peanut butter. Whaaaat?  And it tastes really good. I often make some up for with celery as a quick and guilt free snack. 

So friends that’s this edition of currently obsessed. I will sure to work on some new obsessions to fill you in with next month.

What’s something you are really into these days?

What’s your current favourite jam?


5 thoughts on “Current Obsessions

    • I use it just like regular peanut butter. Just stir it with some water to your desired consistency and there you go. I dip celery in it, spread it on some Ezekial bread. I have used it in a protein crepe recipe I have made too.

  1. hmmmmmm, low fat/calorie diet things kind of freak me out – I feel like they cant be really good for you because they are fake BUT, I will never know because it doesn’t exist here! I will just have to stick to normal peanut butter (and take your word for it!)

    BTW – do you use a programme for running to figure out the pace of a song? or do you just know what pace you run at with a certain one? I hate when i am running and a song comes on in my playlist that doesnt go with my speed!

    • I agree with being weary of the non fat substitutions but the PB2 is actually good. And if you look at the ingredients all you will find is crushed peanuts. so it’s no weird substitutes or additives.

      I mostly just adjust my pace to the song. However; I have been doing HIIT running with intervals of faster pace for 30 seconds and then a regular pace of 1 minute. I use an app called “seconds” and program it, then you can actually select your playlist for the different intervals so the music changes with the interval change.

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