Brinner and Baseball

It’s Friday guys!!!  We did it!  We made it through this god awfully long week and we are in the home stretch now to the weekend.  It was touch and go for awhile there for me with the week I had but I am glad the weekend is here and I can relax and try and get some much needed stuff around the house done.

Let’s recap Thursday mmm’k??  I usually hit up CrossFit on Thursday’s but this week I did not because J and I were supposed to get another session of engagement photos done.  Mother Nature had other plans and she made Thursday a really gloomy day and the sunlight was basically non-existent which wouldn’t have made for very nice lighting.  So… we had to reschedule.  In a way I wasn’t that upset by it because I was a bit of a grumpy gus yesterday and wasn’t feeling like smiling for pictures.  Our photographer who is also a good friend of ours still came over and we did some brainstorming for ideas for wedding photos.  I am getting so excited about it all!!!  She also gave me some wedding homework to do so I am going to add that to the non existent list I need to make.

So because we were supposed to have the photos done last night it was a make a quick dinner night and we decided it was a perfect excuse for Brinner.  C loved it so much she had seconds!

always a good idea
always a good idea




After work I went home and debated skipping CrossFit but I got ready and headed over.

Strength was my favourite: deadlifts

10 @ 65 lbs
10 @ 95 lbs
5 @ 115 lbs
5 @ 125 lbs
5 @ 135 lbs
5 @ 145 lbs

3 rds of 3 min
400 m run
Dumbbell clean and presses

3 rds of 1:30
200 m run
Strict pull ups

I loved this wod. I felt really good after.

It was much needed after a tough week and a tough day. I got home and made another breakfast for dinner meal of protein French toast.

After we had dinner we went to watch J’s baseball game. It was a nice night to be out. It cooled down quite a bit but it was really fun.

And the best part is it’s the weekend and we can relax!

Happy weekend friends!

Do you often have brinner? (Breakfast for dinner)
I do quite often.

Do you have exciting plans for the weekend?


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