Take It Outside

Saturday morning was off to a good start with a 10am visit to CrossFit. The exciting part about this workout was one of my besties was joining me to try it out for the first time.  She picked an amazing workout to try as her first.  We got there, went for a quick run, went through some stretches and the warm up and then we were told the wod.  It was a version of “Deck of Cards”.  Usually this means each suit has a certain movement and you flip the card and do the movement and the number associated with it.  This version was slightly different in that the numbers didn’t mean anything, we were strictly looking at the suit.  We had four heavy movements.

They were:

heavy farmers carry- I used 20 kg kettlebells

heavy carry – I used a 45 lb plate

tire flip- three of us flipped a 300 lb tire

walking OH lunges- I used 25 lbs

Our coach called out the movements and we all did them across the parking lot and back.  You had to hold your weight until the last person finished, so if it was overhead lunges you had to hold your weight overhead until the last person was back.  My friend N did amazing!  She also said she had a great time!  It was a great start to a Saturday to get sweaty and dirty picking up and carrying heavy stuff.

C and I did groceries after and I even managed to get some relaxing in during my day.  I had a bachelorette party to attend.  I opted to just attend the dinner and drinks portion (minus the drinks) and didn’t go out to the bar.  We went to a really delicious Thai place and my sister in law and I shared two yummy dishes.  I think I cleaned up pretty nice for the event.

I even washed my hair!
I even washed my hair!

Sunday was a nice chance to sleep in.  I got up and had my usual breakfast and then headed to my friend’s house where C had spent the night.  I grabbed us coffee/tea and we hung out and got caught up a bit before I came home.  After I got home it was time for a snack and I made myself a yummy java shake.  I knew it was a shame to not get a workout in today, despite those tight hamstrings from all those lunges yesterday.  The sun was shining and the weather was perfect so I decided to get some stuff together and do a wod outside.  I came up with a good one.

please Summer don't go
please Summer don’t go

I did the five rounds on the sheet in the picture.  I used my new dumbells and they were set up for 15lbs.  Our driveway is nice and long so it’s perfect for sprints.  I also didn’t use my knees once for any of those 50 push ups!  I also challenged myself more by switching out the sit ups for jack knives.  When I finished that I decided to do another quick wod to focus on abs.  I did 30 sit ups, 30 second plank, 20 sit ups, 20 second plank, 10 sit ups, 10 second plank.  I actually didn’t do a 10 second plank though, it was definitely longer but I didn’t time it, but I just did a max hold plank.  I then did another quick arm set of tricep kick backs, arm raises and some oblique work with the dumbells.  It was a pretty awesome total body workout by the time I was done.

I worked up a major hunger and came in and got to work in the kitchen.  I made myself a great reward of tortilla pizza.

I will never get sick of this.  never.
I will never get sick of this. never.

I then planned out this week’s meals and determined what I need to make/ prep tonight.  J is going to do some major grilling for me so that we are really prepared.  This will help make it easier for me to stick to the plan.  It’s too easy to stray lately.  I find when I am stressed I eat and snack and I want to really take control of that this week.  I also have a few more at home workouts planned this week so that will be different and I will need to be prepared for those as well.

There’s a few more hours of weekend ahead of me and I plan to make the most of them so I am signing off here.

Hope your Sunday has been sweaty and relaxy.  xoxo


Did you get any workouts in this weekend?

Personally I love incorporating workouts into my weekend.  I am pretty consistent in getting them in when I can.  #noexcuses


Do you like to take your workouts outside?


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