Monday Munchies

I think I have made it perfectly clear that I am not a fan of Mondays. This week in particular it was really hard to swallow. Work is tough. I have a lot on my plate. But whatever. It’s life right? I am just trying to keep on keeping on.

It’s just so true.

Anyhoo work was busy busy and flew by. I picked C up and we went to Crossfit. Normally I go earlier before I pick her up but today I was later leaving work and so she joined me. It was a small class of just three of us.

The strength was 5 sets of 3 overhead squats. I am not very strong with these so I kept it super light. I was having trouble with the movement and letting my knees fall out more and not pushing my butt back so far. My coach tied a resistance band around my knees and that helped me feel how they were supposed to fall.

3 rounds

400 m run
21 kettlebell swings
12 pull ups

I finished this in 13:30. The best part of it was that C did the wod too! My coach set her up with a short run; then she did jumping jacks till I got back. She did a light kettlebell and then she did body rows on the rings while I did the pull ups. It was so cute and she was so into it! I loved it.

We got home and made dinner. I did all my meal prep and got organized for the next day and then decided I would just relax. I painted my nails and watched cheesy tv.

I was sooooo craving a pop and chips but I am working on sticking to my meal plan. I am trying to stay on track.

Instead of the pop and chips I had some celery and PB2 and it did hit the spot. It’s hard to stay focused but I just try to keep my eye on the end goal and remember how far I have come with my progress. That helps keep me on track.

All in all I managed to enjoy a relaxing night after a busy day. Now it’s time to get my beauty sleep and get ready to face tomorrow head on.

Moms- do you ever do a workout with your children?

How do you curb cravings?


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