Rise and Grind

The day after Monday is always a better start because it’s not Monday.  I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get a workout in after work because of other commitments and since I am holding myself accountable to the meal plan and workout schedule I prepped this weekend that meant I had to get up and get a workout in this morning.  Fortunately I had a pretty kick ass sleep and I was feeling prepared to face the world when I got up.


best part of working out in my living room- no shirt?
best part of working out in my living room- no shirt?

I had done a lot of research last night (thank you Pinterest) and had an idea of what workout I wanted to do.  I found a kettlebell AMRAP but decided to change it up a little to better suit what I wanted to do.

Here’s what I did:

3 rounds

15 kettle bell swings

20 air squats

15 kettle bell swings

20 jack knives

15 kettle bell swings

20 push ups

For the second round I changed it up and did kettle bell high pulls instead of swings, since I wanted to do something different.  Last night’s CrossFit wod had lots of swings in it too.  I finished with some plank holds and Russian twists with a dumb bell.


All that exercise worked up a pretty big appetite so I made my usual breakfast of turkey bacon, egg and fruit.  Isn’t is pretty?

every. single. morning.
every. single. morning.

Then I took my time getting ready and not worrying about rushing.  I decided to enjoy my morning and just work a little later today so I wouldn’t start off the day stressed.  I think it was a good move.  I got to work at a reasonable time and was immediately productive.  I think the giant tea I got also helped me get through the morning.

extra large?  it was that kind of a day.
extra large? it was that kind of a day.

The rest of the day was just a regular day really.  Work, went home, made dinner, the usual.  We did have some excitement in that we had a couple more engagement photos done.  We had wanted a few at the farm so our photographer came back and took a few shots. I am pretty excited to see them.  We had a lot of fun doing them too.  When that was done I headed to Goodness me because I needed to restock my PB2 supply.  It’s kind of a trek across town to the closest location so I decided to do that when J suggested him and C would go for ice cream.

Then it was some cuddles, relaxing and sleep at a decent time.  Not a bad Tuesday at all.  I accredit my good mood for the day to my good start of workout and a good breakfast.


What do you do to start your morning off right?

I never used to eat breakfast and it has really made a difference for me to take the time and eat a proper meal.


Coffee or tea?

Tea for me.  And lots of it!


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