The Countdown is On! Holy Crap!

Today is a special day.  Not only is it Friday Jr and almost the weekend, but there’s something else.  I know A LOT of my posts have to do with counting down to the weekend (#sorrynotsorry) but this time its a different countdown.  It’s 3 MONTHS TO MY WEDDING!!!  AGHHHHH!!  I am so freaking excited you guys.  I can’t wait for this day to come.  It also is a holy crap moment because it’s ONLY 3 months away and there is still A LOT to do.  I was having a bit of a freak out moment last night so J and I sat down and looked at the trusty checklist I printed off months ago from some handy dandy wedding site and we are actually not doing too badly at all.  I would even say we are on track.  Ahead of the game even in some areas.  So that’s a relief.  I then decided to make a list of things I want to get done, and it wasn’t as long as I thought.

This weekend we have a wedding (that promises to be super fun) and then our weekends are going to die down a bit in terms of having things planned.  It means I will have a lot more time (if I use my time wisely) to start crossing off some of the things on that wedding to do list.  That includes taking C dress shopping for her dress!  That will be super fun to see her try stuff on instead of her following me and watching me do all the trying on.

Tuesday night our photographer came by and took a couple more engagement shots for us.  We had a great session a few months ago, but we wanted just a couple really casual shots taken at the farm.  We have this really cool old barn in our backyard and I wanted some pics with that as the background.  She sent some proofs last night and I am in love.

MelissaJames-2-20 MelissaJames-2-36

Aren’t they amazing???  There are a bunch of others but I won’t go crazy and over post.  I was happy with how they look though.  I am excited to see how amazing our wedding photos turn out too!

Thursday night means CrossFit for me.  I didn’t go last night because I had an appointment so I was ready to get in and get my sweat on.  I got to go home and get ready at home for a change instead of rushing to the gym since it was a later one.

I wore booty shorts.  It was fine at the gym but the stop at Subway for C's dinner felt weird.
I wore booty shorts. It was fine at the gym but the stop at Subway for C’s dinner felt weird.


200 m run

41 lunges

41 push press

41 box jumps

41 burpees

41 sit ups

41 wall balls

41 mountain climbers

41 goblet squats

The catch, oh yeah, there was a major catch… every 3 minutes you had to stop what you were doing and do 3 manmakers.  It was killer!!!  I also tried this “preworkout” drink that I bought the other night.  It’s by Vega which I have heard a lot of good things about.  I have never used a preworkout drink.  I didn’t time it very well.  I mixed it when I got to the gym and chugged about half of it.  I don’t think it was the right timing.  I felt kind of weird halfway through the workout.  I also had gut rot feeling in my tummy after the workout.  I am not sure I would use it again.  I may just try half next time and make sure to drink it a little earlier before the workout.

One more work day and then the weekend is officially here.  We have a wedding Saturday and I think it will be a ton of fun.  The rest of the weekend I am hoping to do some serious relaxing.


What are you doing this weekend?


What was your workout today?







One thought on “The Countdown is On! Holy Crap!

  1. today is rest day! thank goodness……my poor, wee body can’t take much more!!! Weekend is gonna be chill because I am leaving for a course in the south of Spain next week. have fun at the wedding!

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