8 Rounds and Getting Back on Track

Monday evening means CrossFit at 415 with my usual crew. I got there in good time and got a better stretch in than I usually do. Normally it’s a lot more rushed. We did our warmup as a group and then went on to the strength workout.

7 x 3 paused back squats
I worked to 105 lbs and called it quits at that weight.

8 rds of 1:30
200 m run
Rest of minute for odd minutes is dumbbell thrusters and for even minutes it was box step ups.

I used 15 lb dumbbells for this one.

We then finished with 100 sit ups.

It was a doozy with all that running. 8 rounds felt like a ton!!


I got home and made dinner for us and made extra chicken and veggies for my lunch for tomorrow.  Tonight we had chicken fried rice and I have a salad for tomorrow using the same chicken and the veggies.  I am trying to be really strict and stick with my meal plan this week because I have been feeling a little bit like I have been straying too much and I haven’t been sticking with the program.  My coach was thinking that I might do well with the whole IIFYM style of eating.  IIFYM or “If it Fits Your Macros”.  It’s challenging for me because it’s kind of sciency and mathy and neither were strong subjects for me.  I think it’s possible for me to succeed on it, but it’s not easy.  I have been reading and researching recipes.  I started using My Fitness Pal as logging my food again, and I entered the numbers my coach sent me to track it in there.  Today was my first attempt at it and I think I did pretty well.


Let’s see how the rest of the week goes with it.  I still plan on using my coach’s recipes but also at the same time tracking my macros and seeing how they fall in line.  Wish me luck friends, because I am adding and calculating and that doesn’t always end well.  Either way I am going to be focusing on sticking to the plan this week.  I am getting back on track.  The wedding is less than three months away and I have goals to achieve!  I was strong today and I am proud of myself.  One of my co-workers came around with a tray of peanut butter stuffed chocolate cookies and I declined.  They were warm even!!!  ARGHHHHHHHH.  I stayed strong and exercised my will power and said “no thanks”.

Day one- success!  Let’s see how the rest of the week goes.


Have you tried IIFYM?

I could use some pointers if you have!


How do you keep your eating in check?

For me the easiest way is to prep.




One thought on “8 Rounds and Getting Back on Track

  1. Funny, I just started Eat to Perform (also macros) in conjunction with MFP and so far, I’m not doing so good. I don’t do well when I’m not given recipes. Trying to figure out my numbers by myself is proving challenging, but it’s only day 1! I’ll pass along good recipes when I find some! 😉

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