Wedding Weekend Recap

This weekend was a lot of fun.  I love weddings.  I find them even more exciting right now that we are planning our own.  It makes me even more excited for ours!  Not too long now!  Less than three months away!  The wedding this weekend was for J’s cousin and it was at her family farm.  They are also dairy farmers.  She planned the wedding in 6 months and it was a ton of work they did get everything ready for the day.  Mother Nature was a bit of a jerk and it was a misty rain for most of the day.  The wedding wasn’t until 4 and while it didn’t get super sunny or warm, at least the mist stopped.  It was so beautiful and all the details were so perfect for the country wedding.

C and I got all ready together.  I think we cleaned up pretty nice.

C and I got all dolled up.
C and I got all dolled up.


The bride wore her grandmother’s dress and I absolutely loved it.  It was so pretty and so perfect for this wedding.  It was a more casual wedding and the dress was so cute.


The barn was decorated soooo nice.  It had white lights everywhere and tons of personal touches.  The amazing thing was that 3 months ago it was like a big shed of STUFF.  We went for the rehearsal dinner the night before and I took some pictures of the details.

so pretty!
so pretty!

We stayed out super late and by the time we got home the three of us were ready to crash.  Sunday we all slept in until 10:30!  It was awesome!  We had a good day, did groceries and some meal prep and the three of us carried out our Ice Bucket Challenges.  It was actually really refreshing and we had some good laughs.  C caught this moment of me doing mine.

pre water dump
pre water dump


C’s Aunt and cousin are visiting so she spent the evening with them.  I spent a couple hours with her Aunt catching up on life and then I headed home and made J and I some dinner.  We had fish tacos on corn tortilla’s.  They don’t look super appealing but they tasted really good.


I made myself enough to have some for lunch today as well.  Meal prep is back in full swing and I intend on buckling down a little more than the last week.  I was feeling really snacky last week and I need to buckle down a bit and get tighter with my meal plan.  I am also excited because my coach sent me some workouts and I will be starting those this week as well.

I got to sleep in a bit before work today which was nice and I am ready to face this week head on.



What did you do this weekend?


Weddings- do you love them??

I do.  I always love being invited to weddings, it’s always such a fun night.   I love seeing all the personal touches people do with them.




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